Humaima Malick – a proud Pakistani actress filled with passion

It was 8:00 pm in Sydney on 26 November 2012. Pakistani and Indian dignitaries were invited to attend a special evening with Pakistani actress Humaima Malick who was on her visit to Australia after nominating in an award ceremony in Brisbane. She was nominated on her role in best ever Pakistani movie BOL that generated high waves across the world. Film was also screened in Australia.

Kashif Amjad, a well-known Sydney based Pakistani business professional organised the evening with his sister Aisha Amjad. Honourable Consul General of Pakistan Azam Muhammad Khan and Counsel Shifaat Kaleem were also present. Others included Mr. Zain Sharif, Mr. Ejaz Khan, Mr. Minhas Zulfiqar, Mr. Pervez Khan, Mr. Munir Muhammad, Mr. Iftikhar Rana, Mr. Zafar Hussain, Mr. Haresh Valji and Ms. Saliha Wazirzada.

Humaima was introduced by Kashif Amjad who mentioned her acting skills and upcoming projects. Later Humaima was invited to express her feelings. She thanked all the audience first of all. Humaima expressed her love for Pakistan and said that whatever she is today is just because of Pakistan. She added that Pakistani cinema is going through its revival and good days will be coming soon. She asked Pakistanis present at the event to come forward and invest in Pakistan without having any doubts. She was sad to mention that she had a feeling of overseas Pakistanis hating Pakistan. She also added that role of ‘Zainab’ in BOL left great impact on her mind and soon she would be starting working for the women rights in Pakistan. All the guests expressed their best wishes for her endeavours.

Mr. Azam Muhammad, consul general of Pakistan in his speech appreciated the passion and acting skills of Humaima. He said that bringing movies like BOL to the international market gives a good impression of Pakistan. He added that Pakistani government would always help promoting any positive artistic works (movies, dramas, concerts etc.) that could uplift country’s image. He also added that ambassadors of eight countries watched BOL in a special screening arranged in Canberra, and they liked the movie very much. Sydney based Pakistani amateur film and video director Saliha Wazirzada appreciated Humaima in high words and added that she had also made few short films in Pakistan, which also helped in gathering funds for the flood victims.

I also got a chance to speak to the honourable guest for a minute. I told her that it was her misunderstanding that overseas Pakistanis hate Pakistan. I added that we read daily Urdu newspapers on internet everyday and are very much concerned about the country. I also told her that we watch TV dramas and Pakistani movies on Youtube. Humaima was very delighted to know this all.

After a delicious meal this colourful evening ended with a long photograph session.



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