Islamic nations need unity against the Israeli terrorism

Above pictures present the true story of the barbarian attacks of Israeli forces on innocent Palestinians living in Gaza……

Last week Israeli forces once against started attacking innocent Palestinian Muslims in Gaza. In these brutal acts even the innocent babies are targeted. Unfortunately UN and western countries are keeping silent once again on these barbaric attacks, which have gone far away from the teachings of ethics and humanity.

These well planned attacks have been started in the sacred month of Muharram when Islamic New Year starts, and which is a month of grief for the Muslims due to the martyrdom of Hadhrat Imam Hussain (R.A) in Karbala. However there is a good thing that has emerged out of this highly condemnable action of the Israeli forces. In the past world had never seen such a unity between Islamic countries that has rose this time. Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia condemned the attacks with high voice and have asked for a joint Islamic reply to Israel.

Tunisia has condemned Israel’s strikes against the Gaza Strip and has sent its foreign minister to visit the embattled Palestinian territory. Tunisia’s president Moncef Marzouki condemned “international silence” in the face of the attacks and expressed his country’s support for the Palestinians in the face of Israel’s “barbaric raids.” (Source:

The worst thing is the silence of United Nations on these attacks where even the kids and women are losing their life. There is an urgent need of the representation of Islamic countries in the Security Council now, so that there problems could also find some solidified solution. At the same times Islamic countries ‘must’ break all ties with Israel, including diplomatic relations. They must close Israeli embassies in their countries and should call back their diplomatic staff from Israel as well.

Allah be kind on our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Ameen!


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