Our non-serious attitude is destroying our talent

I was reading Javed Chaudhry’s column in Urdu newspaper Express yesterday, where he mentioned the lack of sense in our people for appreciating the deserving artists and talented people. I would like to say that unfortunately we have never learnt how to appreciate someone’s achievement or talent; rather we take interest in cheap quality entertainment. We would love to spend hundreds of Rupees for watching Bollywood movies in cinemas, but would never like to watch any good Pakistani movie, unless it is released by some very famous director like Shoaib Mansoor.

Due to this we can see that our film industry has almost collapsed now. Our public made ‘Jo Dar Gaya Who Mar Gaya’ a super hit because it had lot of indecent scenes, whereas we did not bother to watch Syed Noor’s melodious movie ‘Sargam’ which had beautiful songs of Adnan Sami. Our people failed in appreciating Usman Peerzada who made a beautiful movie ‘Qarz’. After that he never made any other movie. We also did not bother to watch movies like ‘Dopatta Jal Raha Hay’, ‘Jannat Ki Talash’, and ‘Deewarain’. All of these movies are just wonderful and by not paying them any attention we helped in the elimination of our small film industry.

On the other hand, I observed that after Malala’s incident in which she was targeted by the terrorists, our so called intellectual youth started sharing Photoshop modified pictures on the social media for changing public view against Malala. I really feel shame to say that our youth is doing the highly negative acts. They have lot of time to do such things that are not helping us at all. Another thing that I notice is sharing Photoshop modified pictures of animals, fruits and plants showing name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) written on them. Sorry to say that these fake things never impress people from other faiths and they immediately guess that these things are created using the graphics software.

On Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s blasphemy issue, Pakistani protesters started attacking public property, and damaging cars and motorcycles of the passing innocent people. This is the reason that we have no respect in the world today. Due to our sentimental and useless style of protest, rest of the world doesn’t give any importance to our justified demands.

I feel that our schools and colleges must arrange special lectures for developing common sense and manners in our directionless new generation, otherwise we are going down the drain.

World’s largest human flag made by Pakistanis in Lahore!

An appreciable act: Recently Pakistani youngsters in Lahore set 11 new world records under the patronage of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Such things bring a positive image of our country and we must appreciate those who set these records by maintaining the best discipline, which has also been appreciated by the Guinness Book official present there.


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