Radio Dosti and Radio 2000: Serving Subcontinent people in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city where majority of residents are from overseas, who migrated to Australia for living here permanently. People of Pakistan and India live here in harmony and arrange different cultural activities throughout the year.

Zahid Minhas – Radio Dosti

Pakistani community is very lucky as it enjoys listening two very nice radio programs every week. Zahid Minhas has been serving the community for several years through Radio Dosti, where he discusses all the burning political, cultural and other important issues with his fellow anchors. I have been associated with Zahid Minhas in hosting some of the shows. Javed Iqbal, Shayan Rafiq and Adeel Ansari are also part of Team Dosti. Purpose of this one hour show, that is broadcast every Saturday at 1500 hrs on FM 88.5 (Radio 2RRR) in Sydney, is to keep us attached with our rich heritage and culture. Melodious songs and sufi kalaam make the program beautiful. Latest news in Urdu is also being aired.

Various regular callers join the program through live phone calls and express their views on key issues.


Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Syed Atiq ul Hassan is a well-known social and journalism personality living in Sydney for a long time. He along with his wife and Mr. Ijaz Khan runs a 2 hour show (Radio Saaz aur Awaz) every Sunday night at 2200 hrs on FM 98.5 (Radio 2000) in Sydney. Their program covers international current issues. Listeners are invited to express their point of view by calling live. I have once joined the team and would appreciate the beautiful way of expression of Mr. Hassan. Mrs. Surraya Hassan reads the news. Melodious Pakistani songs are selected for every program.

I would like to appreciate both teams for serving the community without getting any pay or remuneration. Both programs are produced without any biasness and community enjoys listening to these programs in ‘perdes’.


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