Imran Khan; the Leader of Peace – going Waziristan

Waziristan (وزیرستان) is a mountainous region in the northwest of Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and covering some 11,585 km² (4,473 sq mi). The area is entirely populated by ethnic Pashtuns. The language spoken in the valley is Pashto. It is part of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), considered to be outside the country’s four provinces. (source: wikipedia)

This area got world attention after start of the US led ‘war on terror’ when pilot-less planes known as ‘drones’ were used for bombarding to kill the suspect terrorists. For last several years after 9/11 hundreds of innocent people have been killed in this area as a result of drone attacks. There is a large number of men, women and children who became handicapped for the rest of their life. Unfortunately our coward leaders Musharraf and Zardari could not stop these attacks because of their governments’ dependence on USA.

No political leader could ever express the courage to show support for the residents of Waziristan and at the maximum gave just verbal statement of condemning the unjustified massacre. Even US political analysts have declared that drone attacks in Pakistan are counterproductive. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is the party that is very clear since it’s forming on the relations with USA. Imran Khan has claimed many times that if PTI forms the next government, Pakistan will be out of the so called ‘war on terror’. Imran is very much against the drone attacks. He raised his voice on international level.

PTI, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, is launching a peace march in Waziristan on 7th of October 2012. A large group of protestors will leave Islamabad on 6th of October and will reach its destination on the next day. In this noble mission of PTI around 100 international guests are joining as well putting their lives at risk. Many of the international guest protestors are from USA. They are joining hands with Imran Khan to show their support with his noble cause. This will give a big message to the whole world that we want peace in Waziristan and no extra judicial killing would be acceptable at any cost. I salute Imran Khan who has proved himself a true Leader of Peace (قائد امن). He is the only hope for Pakistanis. Tribal people are very happy on his support for their lives and have assured that they would provide security to all the visitors who are taking part in this peace walk.

I feel proud to be a working member of PTI Australia team and will support Imran and his fellows in every good move for the betterment of Pakistan.

Dil Dil Pakistan – Jan Jan Pakistan (دل دل پاکستان ۔ جان جان پاکستان)



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