Well done PTI New South Wales team!

Today it was the first formal meeting after the PTI Australia intraparty election. Newly elected team invited the valuable PTI members for briefing them on their efforts and actions since their selection. President of NSW chapter Muhammad Waqas Bashir, Vice President Muhammad Ahmed and General Secretary Imran Mirza presented short-term and long-term plans of the team. They also briefed about the proposed Think Tank for PTI Australia, which will include researchers and professionals who have good ideas for Pakistan. PTI NSW team also introduced members of their working members and announced opportunities for the members to join the team.

Around 35 people attended the programme who were from different occupations. Syed Atiq ul Hassan (Radio 2000, FM-98.5), Dr. Muhammad Akbar, Dr. Kirmani, Dr. Nadir Hafiz, Dr. Faiza Cheema, Shahid Malik and Shahid Javed (myself) also spoke to the audience and showed their maximum support to the party and it’s cause. All the audience were involved in very extensive question-answer session through which they expressed their ideas and also asked for some information regarding NSW team’s policies.

Meeting started at 3:30 pm in Belmore and continued till 5:30 pm. Refreshment was arranged by the organisers. All the Pakistanis expressed their best wishes for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the upcoming general elections. Dr. Muhammad Akbar (Hamara Pakistan) showed his disappointment on the unreasonable conduct of Pakistani High Commissioner and Consul General (Sydney). He asked for improvement in their attitudes for bringing a good name of country in Australia.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan highlighted the importance of voting and contributing towards progress of Pakistan. He appreciated Imran Khan for being the best politician since Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan). He also added that Pakistanis must not say anything against the country or its founder in any case. He mentioned that we must play our role positively without worrying about the results. When I was invited to stage as a guest speaker, I highlighted the importance of unity, harmony and discipline. I requested all members to put their difference aside and support the newly elected team. I also vowed that I would for bringing the Pakistani Christian community living in Australia within main stream, so that they could feel proud on being Pakistanis. Attendees joined me in chanting the slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at the beginning and end of my speech.


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