Special documentary on Imran Khan presented on SBS-1 TV Channel, Australia

I was watching Dateline programme on SBS-1 Channel in which a half hour documentary was shown on PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Title of the programme was ‘Dateline: Imran’s Big Test’. The programme focused on his popularity in the rural areas of Pakistan, where people were shown welcoming him in a very warmly manner. It was amazing to see hope in their eyes for a developed and prosperous country.

Dateline on SBS-1: Imran’s Big Test

I have observed different political leaders in Pakistan for last 30 years of my adulthood. None of them had the courage that I find in Imran. In this programme PTI Quetta gathering was given special coverage, where everyone feared because of the terrible law and order situation. Imran was being given warnings by the journalists and his senior party fellows. However Imran vowed clearly that he would go to Quetta and speak to an expected large gathering there. Later I was amazed to see the overwhelming response of thousands of people who were gathered there to see and listen to their only hope.

Famous well reputed TV journalist Talat Hussain and senior PTI official Shah Mahmood Qureshi (former foreign minister) also expressed their views about the party and Imran Khan. Talat clearly described Imran and the best option for country. Imran’s gatherings in rural cities of Punjab, Bhakkar and Chichawatani were also covered, where poor people were extremely happy to find him between them. Imran spoke to the SBS anchor in detail about his vision and approach if PTI forms the next government. He declared that within 90 days major corruption would be eradicated from Pakistan. He added that the institutions would be strengthened in such a way that there would be no chances of corruption forever.

Imran described Pakistan as a beautiful country with lots of blessings and opportunities. However he stressed that people would have to cast their vote for bringing the change. Young generation of colleges and universities were also interviewed, who supported PTI and vowed that they would cast their votes in favour of PTI candidates in the next elections. This is a very positive sign that people of Pakistan see Imran as their leader who would bring them out of the ongoing crisis. Let us keep our fingers crossed for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s success in the next elections.

Long Live Pakistan!!!


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