Islamic world needs technological revolution

Today I am going to write one of my most thought provoking blogs. I wish that it could reach to the right (and effective) persons in the Islamic world.

When we see today’s world, we feel ashamed to admit that all advancement in the fields of science and technology is taking place in the west. USA, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries have established great universities and institutions that attract a large number of resourceful international students from Islamic and non-Islamic developing countries. When these international students live and study in these countries, they start liking their life style. Most of them start trying to settle there. Due to better economic conditions in these countries, they are even happy to do the low calibre jobs. These countries offer jobs and citizenship to the intelligent students. In addition to that many engineers, doctors and other highly educated professionals also move to these countries after working for 3-4 years in their native countries.

As a result we can see a massive brain drain from countries like Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Turkey. Migrants from these countries use their smart minds in the development of western and Australian societies. That is the reason that every development in the fields of science and technology is taking place in these countries, which are already developed.

I feel sorry to say that rich Arab countries do not offer any citizenship or residency to even highly intelligent Muslims from other countries. Also there is no significant educational institution in these countries where there are opportunities for carrying out research and development activities. This is the reason that we see our youth as frustrated. Muslim Umah is also facing lot of problems due to the lack of unity. Every second day Youtube or Facebook comes up with some blasphemous material about our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or Quran. Muslims take any such thing very seriously and start reacting positively or negatively to condemn the source of blasphemy.

Recently a US based man Sam Bacile made a movie titled as ‘Innocence of Muslims’, in which he has insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Whole Islamic world reacted to that in a very angry way. US ambassador to Libya got killed after attack on the US embassy in Tripoli. This was the first time when Arab countries also reacted in a very strict manner and asked USA to remove the parts of this movie from Youtube and take action against the people behind this conspiracy.

I was shocked to know yesterday that in spite of the request from White House, Youtube/Google refused to remove the video. On one side it shows their cruel intentions against the great religion of Islam, and on the other side it’s the time when we must think about something different.

Why can’t Islamic countries develop our own video channel (like Youtube)? When our Muslim engineers and IT experts can help in developing such things for American and other companies, they can do it for Islamic countries/companies without any problem. Only thing they need is a platform (research institution) and assurance of a better life style.

My proposal for the Islamic world

Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) must come forward and establish a state-of-art research centre in Dubai, UAE. Then they should invite applications from the Muslim scientists and researchers from all over the world. After interviews and confirmation of their skills and experience, they should be offered attractive salary packages and immigration of UAE. OIC can arrange funding from its member countries for their salaries and projects. These persons should be given tasks to develop independent software packages like MS Office, search engines, lunar and solar calculations, Islamic applications like Azan, Quran recitation and Qibla direction, helpful mobile applications etc. Developed applications should then be presented in the open market at low prices. It will not only help us refraining from piracy, but will also result in building up of a better image of Muslims. Moreover we will not be paying high amounts to the western organizations and our money will rotate within us, which will generate more job opportunities. It will save our foreign exchange. We can also sell these products to the European, American and Pacific markets as well.

Applications in comparison to Youtube and Facebook (developed by the Muslims researchers) can have built-in filters so that no blasphemous material could be uploaded on them.

OIC should also form an Islamic research centre where undisputed learned Islamic scholars are appointed for bringing harmony among different sects of Islam. They must advise the Islamic countries for adopting a common and united action against any blasphemy. They should also work as a team to develop consensus on a common methodology for sighting of moon so that the Ismalic community living in aone country could have Ramadan and Eids on the same days. It will bring us closer to each other.

Great Muslim poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal always put lot of stress on ‘Ijtihad’ (اجتہاد) which means finding solution for the modern age problems that does not deviate from Islamic teachings, but provides a unanimously agreed and acceptable way of dealing with them.

In my opinion if we don’t start acting now, we will be facing more and more problems in the coming days as time does not forgive those who do not give value to it. We need immidiate technological revolution for bringing us out of misery and disappointment.



  1. Nicely said and I agree with you in that we are far behind the west in technological research. I have heard that some of the Arab countries are giving lots of concentration on education now, but still the hope for permanent migration still remains bleak.

  2. Great Muslim poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal says:

    خیرہ نہ کرسکا مجھے جلوۂ دانش فرنگ
    سرمہ ہے میری آنکھ کا خاک مدینہ و نجف

    Why r we for using youtube, facebook and alike web pages? Stay calm and try to go back in your past since you registered yourself on these pages. Try evaluating the fact what these sites contributed in your life? Education…NO…Information…NO…..Entertainment….hmmm, may be – and nothing else, nothing absolutely nothing. Time killing, …Yes…..Gossip….Friendship with boys and girls. Few companies use facebook for free web marketing with building a proper website.


    What we Muslims can do..

    1. All Muslims should immediately deregistered from: Google, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook
    2. Stop using Android Smart phones. Use simple cell phones
    3. Encourage simplicity in lives

    Muslimc head of nations should patronise research, Islamic education and focus promoting Islamic ideology. Sponsor ‘Knowledge’ instead of media and information. We have lot of information and hence more fraustrated and disturbed. However, no ‘knowledge’ for use of information available through media (incl. social media).

  3. Very good proposal Shahid but the problem is we all are hot tempered , emotional and egoistic people. We do not accept that others are better than us. Unfortunately we have developed leg pulling attitude in almost wherever in Islamic world you see. Arabs doesnt like persians and vice versa which divide the uma. For this reason we are on decline in every field of life.
    However Madina university have offered scholarships and assist few to study abroad but not enough. We shouldn’t say you and us we should learn from each other to make this world better

  4. I appreciate this blog as you have come up with good suggestions. However, creating new facebook or other websites is not a solution. We have to remain with others rather than creating another world for us. I agree that Arab countries should invest in research and they can provide opportunities to Muslims who are interested in research and inventions. Pakistan can be the Leader of Islamic world. Next government needs to concentrate towards promotion of tourism. Development in areas like Kaghan, Naran , Swat and Gilgit can attract international tourists to visit Pakistan.

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