Fire incident in Karachi that claimed about 300 lives

Tuesday 11th of September will be remembered as a sad day in Pakistan when two factories in Lahore and Karachi caught fire and resulted in a large number of casualties. In Lahore around 25 workers lost their lives after burning alive. In Lahore fire took place in a shoe factory located on Bund Road around 3:00 pm. Fire immediately surrounded in the whole factory. As a result factory owner also lost his life with his workers. Fire fighters could extinguish the fire after four hours.

In Karachi a garments factory located in Baldia Town caught sudden fire for unknown reasons and resulted in a huge loss of lives and property. According to the reports more than 300 workers, including ladies and children lost their lives. This fire has been placed in the list of world’s top 20 worst fire incidents. Karachi incident is mysterious in many ways. Nationalists parties if Sindh had given a protest call for Friday, the 14th of September as they were unhappy on the agreement between the PPP government and MQM on the controversial district management system for the urban areas of Sindh. MQM wanted to divert the attention of people from this protest at any cost. Other sources have also come up with the statements that factory owner was having threats from MQM members for paying Rs. 50 million to them. Due to these threats he had flown overseas. After the eruption of fire MQM leadership was on the site within minutes. People have come up with lot of burning questions about their activities on social websites like Facebook.


I feel sorry to the families of those who left this world due to these very sad incidents. I am also sorry to write that once again we will never get the true story behind Karachi incident. The culprits will never be brought to any justice once again. The families who lost their beloved earning members (in Lahore and Karachi), will suffer a lot. What can we expect from the most corrupt government in Pakistan?


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