Lack of patience, and intolerance in Pakistani youth

Today I am going to discuss a very important issue that is creating a bad image of our society in front of other nations. I have observed that Pakistani educated youngsters are very short-tempered, rude and arrogant. This feeling I developed after reading 1000’s of their comments on sites like Facebook and Youtube. People start cursing and swearing each other without any consideration that their views would be read by a large number of peoples all around the world.

We have got no training at all on responding to a different opinion in a polite and decent manner. As soon as we read or hear something that differs with our point of view, we start using very harsh and indecent words. If you read comments on Facebook pages of the political parties of Pakistan, you will be ashamed to see words like ‘shaitan (devil)’, ‘laanat (curse)’, ‘chawal (idiot/stupid)’, ‘zaleel (cheapster)’ and many more that I cannot write here. My question is why we cannot learn manners from others. In our gatherings and meetings maximum time we discuss others in negative or humorous way. When friends meet each other, they start targeting their jokes and insults on the one who is the simplest by nature between them. This is known as ‘tawa lagana’ in Urdu.

I have got some chances to attend Australians’ get together parties in Sydney. I was amazed to see that they never make joke of anyone. They just discuss things like cars, TV shows, sports, politics (with respect to each other’s views), weekend activities, and things taking place around them. While discussing these things, they never interrupt the one who is speaking. They give respect to others’ views even they don’t agree with them. This is the reason you will always find these people smiling and enjoying the life; whereas in our society if we have difference of opinion with someone on an issue, we start hating him/her and discuss them with other in a negative way in their absence. This is the reason that we never look fresh and happy in real sense.

There is a high need in countries like Pakistan to educate basic mannerism and tolerance in public and private schools so that it could become our habit to respond politely to a different opinion. I wish we could learn to live in a real way.


One comment

  1. Very nicely u have pointed out the root of our decline, i have noticed many of higher educated peoples behaving in same manner,i remeber one quote of Nepolean ,Give me the nice mothers, I will give u the best nation. In my opinion this practice start from home.Mother lap’s is the best insituition.I agree in our institutions there is no any education for ethics.Let’s join hand to hand to promote this message. Thanks for ur valuable article.

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