Ustad Hamid Ali Khan performed in Sydney

September started with a beautiful evening for the expatriates of Pakistan and India living in Sydney. Parwaz Multicultural Arts arranged a special Sufi Night with renowned classical singer from Patiala music family of Pakistan Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, who can be regarded one of the best live performance of classical music.

Concert started at 7:30 pm in the beautiful C3 Conference Hall in Silverwater, Sydney. Director of Parwaz Mr. Raja Taseer thanked the audience. Good looking female stage secretary Ms. Indu invited a young Indian singer Ms. Sujata Rajkumari on stage to start the program with an opening performance before Ustad Jee’s arrival. She performed Ameer Khusro’s kalaam ‘Chhap Tilak’ (چھاپ تلک) and got good appreciation by a large audience present there.

After her two songs, Mr. Jaspal Singh was invited to give a special performance. He sang popular Punjabi genre ‘Tappa’s’ (ٹپے).  He was also responded warmly by the audience. Now time came when Ustad Hamid Ali Khan rose onto the stage with his musicians. He started his performance with a beautiful classical Pakistani film song ‘Chamki Kiran’ (چمکی کرن). He then presented following songs:

  • Guzar gaya jo zamana (گزر گیا جو زمانہ)
  • Daagh-e-dil hum ko (داغ دل ہم کو)
  • Tere pyar wich (تیرے پیار وچ)
  • Mainu tere jaya sohna (ینوں تیرے جیا سوہنا)
  • Hontoun pe kabhi un ke (ہونٹوں پہ کبھی ان کے)
  • Laagi re touse laagi (لاگی رے توسے لاگی)
  • Mayn nazar se pi raha huun (میں نظر سے پی رہا ہوں), and
  • Oh ballay ballay (او بلے بلے)

After these songs 30 minutes break followed so that the guests could enjoy the tasty dinner available outside the performance hall. Prominent Pakistanis present there included Counsel General Mr. Azam Muhammad, Counsel Mr. Shifaat Kaleem, Rana Iftikhar (President of Pakistani Association Australia), Solicitor Mr. Ejaz Khan, Mr. Syed Zafar Hussain (Sada-e-watan), Mr. Ejaz Anwar (Exim Marketing), Mr. Munir Muhammad (Sydney Forex) and Mr. Zahid Minhas (Team Dosti). A large number of Indian community was also seen who highly appreciated the performance.

After the break program started again with a comedy skit of Farjad Butt and Syed Khurram. They made everyone laugh by their funny performance. Then famous Sydney sider Pakistani singer Mr. Riaz Hussain was invited to perform. He sang three beautiful songs and got good response from the crowd. However these performances delayed the program. Then Ustad Hamid Ali Khan was called on again to perform. He performed following songs:

  • Umraan langiyaan pabaan paar (عمراں لنگیاں پباں پار)
  • Udaas logoun se pyar kerna (اداس لوگوں سے پیار کرنا)
  • Aa tera intizaar hay jaana (آ تیرا انتظار ہے جاناں)

His performance was continuing and the audience was enjoying in a true sense, but clock showed me 11:30 pm and I left the hall as I had other commitments as well.

I would like to congratulate Parwaz Multicultural Arts on arranging such a memorable program for the Pakistanis and Indians living 1000’s of kilometers away from their countries. Program can be regarded as highly successful as hall was fully packed with the fans of Ustad Jee. We really feel proud for having such a rich culture and talented artists like Hamid Ali Khan.


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