Where are we heading to?????

I am still unable to digest the horrifying news from today’s Pakistani Urdu newspaper Daily Express. It was Eid ul Fitr on Monday in Pakistan, due to which newspapers were not published on Tuesday and Wednesday. I opened the online edition of Express today with a hope that I would see some good pictures showing Eid celebrations in Pakistan. However, I was shocked to read the horrifying pieces of news. One news was about a hair dresser from Okara, Punjab, who was badly tortured by a family who doubted that he had unfair relations with their sister. They pulled out his eyes, and cut his tongue and lips. He is in the hospital for treatment. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif attended him there and gave Rs. 500,000 for his treatment.

Another news was about killing of a 9 year old boy who was killed (by cutting his main artery) after sexual molestation in Lahore Cantt. Another man was killed brutally in Faisalabad and his corpse was put on fire by the unknown assassinators. Overall more than 20 people have been killed during the Eid holidays in different cities. All of the killed persons were Muslims. What a peaceful message we have given to the whole world about Islam!!!

Another disturbing news is that a 11 year old Christian female child has been arrested on accusation of blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The girl is a psychological patient, affected by Down Syndrome, who collects the garbage. Some burnt papers of religious documents were found in her garbage bag, for which she was not responsible at all. Whole world has taken bad effect of this news and President Zardari assured that the girl would be treated with justice and no misuse would be allowed of the Article 295C of the Pakistani constitution (Blasphemy law). Earlier Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti were killed as they criticised on the misuse of Article 295C.

Did Islam teach us this kind of treatment with our minorities? In Makkah at the time of Prophet (PBUH) once a non-believer pissed in the mosque where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sitting. Companions got furious on this, but Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) remained calm. He just told that person politely that he should not have done such an act in a sacred place like mosque. Later the Prophet (PBUH) got cleaned that place with a bucket of water (either himself or by his companions).

During the recent Eid holidays in Pakistan, 9 men gang raped a worker’s wife in Sangla Hill, Punjab. On deterioration of her condition after this inhuman torture she was thrown in a cemetery. Can we get any reasoning for these extra brutal acts? Was Pakistan created for showing such examples to the world? Could ‘father of the nation’ Muhammad Ali Jinnah think of such actions taking place in Pakistan? Where is Islam? Where is the humanity? Where is the justice? Where is the law???? Are we living in dark ages?? NO!!!!!!!

In addition to these killings, many poor mothers in Pakistan committed suicides as they were unable to gift new clothes to their children on Eid, which commences every year after Ramadan when all Muslims distribute zakaat (obligatory religious charity) among the poor. Where does that money go???

In Pakistan almost every adult has got mobile phone. Internet is available in more than 90% areas of the country. Private cable TV channels are viewed in more than 80% areas of Pakistan. More than 90% of the people are the followers of Islam which teaches the values of tolerance, peace, love and respect for others; regardless of their race, economical status, faith and beliefs.

We have failed as a nation. We are living in a country where people are killed just because they follow a different sect of Islam, or they are from a different province, or they speak a different language. They are pulled out of the buses and after verification of their names and origin from their national identity cards they are killed brutally by firing. Then the killers get escaped easily. Our so called intelligence services and commandos cannot find them at all. Then why are we spending our precious resources on these forces when they are useless??

Many Pakistanis think that Imran Khan is our hope and once he gets a chance of becoming Prime Minister, he would change the fate of country within months. Unfortunately now I disagree to this. How can Imran change minds of such a destructive and narrow minded nation? Will he do some magic that all corrupt politicians, government officials, businessmen and law enforcing personnel become honest? How will he control such a high crime rate, which is resulting in failure of our society? How will he eliminate the hatred between peoples from different religious and cultural backgrounds? How will he develop a real Islamic welfare state??

I am not very hopeful of getting answers to any of these questions. I am thankful to Allah SWT that I am living a much safer and happier life with my family in Australia, which is a non-Islamic country, but where our beliefs and culture are respected. We are treated equally like others and where everyone has the basic human rights. Above all, law is same for everyone from the Prime Minister to a casual worker.

I suggest that Pakistan must be handed over to China in the same way Hong Kong was given to United Kingdom for 100 year on lease. There should be orders to shoot any criminal on site without any investigation or inquiry. Corrupt people should be hanged in front of public in open places. Only by this we can control the rapidly deteriorating system.

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