PML(N) in real crisis…..

These days PML(N) is facing a real tough time. It seems that now people of Punjab will be voting to the candidates of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). In the last week senior adviser to Punjab Chief Minister, Mr. Zulfiquar Khosa resigned from his post. His son Dost Muhammad Khosa supported him and launched a press conference, in which he criticized Mr. Shahbaz Sharif in very strong words. He said that later was responsible for this resignation of his father, who has been serving the party for decades.

This was a considerable blow for PML(N), but another blunder was made by their senior Parliamentarian Khawaja Asif, who held a press conference and tried to prove that Imran Khan used donation money of Shaukat Khanum Hospital in gambling and he lost about $30 Million. PML(N) was expecting that this news would be received in the public with increasing their support. However the result turned out in the opposite direction. People of Pakistan have firm belief in Imran Khan and Abdul Sattar Edhi. This mistake proved fatal for PML(N) and public and media refused to believe in the baseless acquisition put on Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Next day Imran Khan held a press conference and asked 11 questions to PML(N) president Mr. Nawaz Sharif. Questions included issues like money laundering after imposing emergency following the atomic explosions, huge investments in UK and Jeddah, undisclosed sources of money invested in Raiwind property etc. Nawaz could not answer any of his allegations. Imran also challenged Nawaz for coming up in a face-to-face dialogue. As expected, Nawaz Sharif could not answer a single question.

These recent political mistakes of PML(N) show that Allah SWT is now making pavement for PTI as their enemies are making grave mistakes. At this stage PTI leaders must show mature attitude and avoid any loose talk or blame game. Insha Allah PTI will get maximum seats in the coming elections.

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