Muslims facing the worst state sponsored genocide in Myanmar (Burma)

Whole world is aware that these days Muslims in Myanmar (Burma) are being killed violently in a state sponsored genocide.
Here is some background of these Muslims:
The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living in northern Rakhine state in Western Myanmar.  They face religious and ethnic discrimination by Myanmar’s military regime, which refuses to recognize the Rohingya as Myanmar citizens.  The Rohingya people are not considered one of 135 legally recognized ethnic minority groups in Myanmar. Myanmar considers them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, but they have lived in Myanmar for centuries, and Bangladesh will not accept them as its citizens. (Source:
Being Muslims, it is our utmost duty to raise our voice against this inhuman act of Burmese forces. Unfortunately once again Islamic countries have shown least interest in this very serious issue. Burmese Muslims are our brothers and they must have our moral support with them at least.
In this regard, Australian Pakistani community in Sydney is organising a peaceful demonstration (protest) in front of Myanmar Embassy in Yarralumla (ACT) on Saturday, 11th of August 2012 from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon. Australian media will be invited to cover the event so that a visible presence can be shown in the newspapers and on electronic media. Readers from Sydney and Canberra are requested to join us for this noble cause as this is the month in which Allah SWT awards 70 times for any good deed (اجر). You are also requested to spread the news to your friends so that a solid protest could be registered.


  1. Its very sad and depressing for such inhuman and barbaric act to be mated against members of the 2nd largest religion in the world for no genuine reason or cause. And neither the so-called Global Human/Civil Rights bodies nor States like the USA are doing or saying anything in this regard. Fortunately, Allah knows all that is happening and will surely be there strenght. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and his people were also persecuted and prosecuted by the Idol worshippers of his time in Mecca. For those that have already been killed may Allah grant them Aljannat Firdaus (Paradise) May Allah help us all.

  2. we dont know that wts going on there but we can guess coz i’m a Bangladeshi site nearby. Where is the world human right ? Where is the world humanity ? Cant they watch it ? ?

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