Clash between the titans jeopardising the system of Pakistan

Supreme Court has once again given 15 days to the Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf for writing letter to the Swiss banks for the recovery of looted money of country that was deposited by the sitting President Asif Ali Zardari by illegal means (money laundering). Earlier government refused to act upon the orders of Supreme Court by claiming that it was not possible to write a letter against the sitting president.

If I see the present situation of Pakistan, I am very clear in my understanding that it is the clash between two extra ordinary intelligent titans. On one side we have Chief Justice Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and his rival is none other than President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. Chief Justice is determined to bring looted money back into the country, whereas Asif Ali Zardari is playing his cards to defaming the judiciary. He used Bahria Town proprietor and business tycoon Malik Riaz in putting pressure on the court by running a defaming campaign against Chief Justice’s son Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar. It was a very intelligent move and everyone in Pakistan was worried that how Chief Justice would handle that case. However Justice Chaudhry proved his mettle and separated himself from the bench hearing the case. The bench issued historical verdict by asking government to investigate the matter and bring the culprits in front of judiciary.

After few days of this, Supreme Court announced that Prime Minister Gilani was disqualified on 26th of April when he was given 30 second punishment by the Court on not acting upon the court orders for writing letter to the Swiss court. Now court has once again asked the sitting Prime Minister Mr. Raja to write the letter till 8th August 2012. It is clear that he will not follow the orders as the cabinet and Zardari would never allow him for doing so. Now this would be a tough situation. If Supreme Court disqualifies him like Mr. Gilani, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will present itself as innocent that its government is being victimised by the judiciary. If court doesn’t disqualify the PM, PPP will start avoiding the orders of Supreme Court and other courts. Therefore Chief Justice and his fellow judges will have to play their cards very wisely so that the government could not get benefit from their decision and at the same time public could see justice taking place.

I am extremely hopeful that 4.5 year long dark region of PPP is going to end insha Allah very soon. In Pakistan price of bananas is Rs. 320 per dozen this Ramadan. There is no control on prices at all. Poor and middle class people are deprived from their basic needs and they cannot afford to have fruits in their iftars. In addition to uncontrollable inflation and electricity load shedding; Railway collapse, Hajj scandal, ephedrine scandal, sugar scandal, fake degrees scandal, expired medicines scandal, dual nationalities scandal and now the latest passport scandal have put Pakistan at least a hundred year back. We just pray to Allah to help our country.


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  1. In Multan’s by-elections of NA-151, people have given a message to judiciary too. Where are the other NRO cases? Why only Swiss case is being prioritized?

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