Talat Hussain – a visionary journalist and TV anchor

Talat Hussain

Talat Hussain can be regarded as a well reputed and honest media person, who speaks and writes the truth and doesn’t compromise on the facts. Talat Hussain got reclaimed after he was captured with fellow journalists on Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli forces in May 2010. Talat and his fellows ware released later. Talat was working for AAJ TV at that time.

Recently a list has been distributed on the social media showing names of the media persons who have been distributed huge amounts from Malik Riaz of Bahria Town. I was shocked to read names of highly acclaimed journalists in the list like Javed Chaudhry, Kamran Khan and Hassan Nisar. However it was a great pleasure to find Talat’s name not in this list.

Like many Pakistanis, Talat also supports Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and Imran Khan. He also thinks that Imran is the only hope at this time. However, he always gives positive suggestions and advices to PTI where he feels necessary. I was just reading his column in Daily Express newspaper’s 10 July 2012 edition. He showed his disappointment on the no response from PTI over the restoration of NATO supply. Talat appreciated ‘Difa-e-Pakistan’ Council for launching a long march on this grave issue and indicated that such mistakes could prove very dangerous for PTI.

Talat Hussain is currently anchoring a show ‘News Night with Talat’ at Dawn News. I appreciate Talat for his boldness and honesty which most of the media persons lack today. He is a pride for Pakistan.


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  1. People kept hopes with Imran Khan and his party. However, Imran could not keep the expectations. Today he issued a very strange statement, “If the government attacks on Supreme Court, then Tsunami will come out”. What is this all? He is just kidding with the depressed nation who has been keeping high hopes with him.

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