Majid Javed’s third anniversary – he lives in the hearts!!!

Today three years complete after my loving younger brother Majid’s departure from this world. A lot of things have changed around us in this time. However I feel proud to say that our love with him has been growing more with each passing day. We have started respecting those friends more who understand our grief. At the same time we are more united against those few dirty people who showed brutality on his death and ignored us and our grief.

Majid is an eternal part of our memories. In fact he lives within us. Dr. Javed’s Family is just incomplete without Majid. His sufferings belong to all of us. His love for our next generation kids is always around us, giving us strength and a comfortable feeling. Majid came into my dream just a few days back and he gave message from the other world that he ‘is’ very happy there. He was sitting in a beautifully decorated office, while talking to us by telephone. This was the dream I have been waiting for a long time after his departure, and I was 100% sure that Allah SWT would show us some sign that Majid is happy in his next life.

Majid had a high level of intellect and no one out of those whom I know can be compared with him. He was beautiful, tall, smart, friendly and very lively man with a melodious voice and great sense of humour. He had photographic memory and true Aussie accent. He used to be heart of his mates’ circle. BUT he was sick and he made lot of struggle to get rid of his killing disease ‘bipolar disorder’ but he could not recover. Finally the day came when he left all of us behind him. Our loving father Dr. Javed A. Aziz has written lot of poems on Majid, which can be read on a separate page on this website.

Today Majid is remembered in a loving way by a countless number of people. I always come up with a dedicating video on Majid’s death anniversaries. This year I dedicate the following video to all those who love Majid. This is a great effort by Mahmood Bin Saghir (UAE) who gave shape to my ideas.


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