Supreme Court disqualified Prime Minister Gilani

19 June 2012 can be regarded as a much better day for Pakistanis after a long time. Supreme Court took serious action against the convicted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani who was holding the office without any justification after 26th of April 2012 when he was given small punishment by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on disobeying the orders for writing letter to the Swiss banks for the recovery of huge amounts transferred corruptly by the President Asif Ali Zardari.

ImageSupreme Court sent the copy of orders to the Speaker of National Assembly Mrs. Fehmeeda Mirza for taking action against the convicted Prime Minister, but Fehmeeda insulted the Supreme Court (SC) by not taking any action on that. On this petitions were filed in the Supreme Court by PML(N) and PTI. After hearing the petitions for many days, yesterday SC issued its final verdict that states that Mr. Gilani had been disqualified as a member of parliament and Prime Minister on 26th of April. After this date he held the position unconstitutionally.

Pakistani citizens who have been facing the worst electricity load shedding these days celebrated the news and distributed sweets. Pakistan Peoples Party and the Federal Government have announced that they would respect the Court’s orders. Now they will be announcing name for the position of Prime Minister. However new Prime Minister will be once again in a tough situation as he will have to write letter to the Swiss banks. So it seems that PPP Government will be facing big crisis in the near future.

On the other side Mr. Gilani and his sons now will be having quite tough time on different corruption charges against them, cases on which are already being proceeded in the Supreme Court. Let’s see what comes next!!!! 


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