Death of a true legend: Mehdi Hassan – pride of Pakistan

13 June 2012 brought a heart breaking news for Pakistani, Indian and Nepali ghazal lovers. King of Ghazals (شہنشاہ غزل) Mehdi Hassan passed away in Karachi after a 13 year long sickness. Although he was not singing since 1999 after his sickness due to which he remained on wheel chair throughout his life after that, people still were happy to see him alive.

I never liked ghazals and classical music, but once I listened to the songs and ghazals sung by Mehdi Hassan I changed my mind and started listening to the classical music. No doubt Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Ghulam Abbas, Hamid Ali Khan, Asad Amanat Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali and Punkaj Udhas are big names in ghazal singing, but the way Mehdi Hassan sang this tough medium of classical music, noone else can be compared with him. I can bet that noone can sing ‘Pyar Bharay Do Shermeelay Nain’ and ‘Guloun Mein Rang Bharay’ like him.

He was a true legend who was a very down to earth person. Indian legend Lata Mangeshker said many years back, “Bhagwan (god) has his voice in Mehdi Hassan’s throat”. Pakistan can feel proud for having such a great citizen who was recognised in the highest manners not only with the country but also in India and Nepal. Mehdi sang 100’s of songs for the Lollywood movies that brought success for them. His songs were picturised mostly on Muhammad Ali, Shahid, Waheed Murad and Nadeem. I am just sharing this beautiful song for the readers which he sang for film Dehleez and was picturised on Nadeem. This song was copied in an Indian movie Oonchay Log as well where Kishore Kumar sang it, but he could not deliver it like Mehdi Hassan the great.

We pray Allah SWT to be kind with the departed noble soul and give patience to his family.


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