New conspiracy by ISI and other agencies against Chief Justice of Pakistan

These days the hottest news on all Pakistani electronic and print  media is the case of Arsalan Iftikhar (son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry) in the Pakistan Supreme Court. Unfortunately our armed forces can never see any action against them on the charges of corruption or malfunctioning.

Chief Justice Iftikhar is seriously concerned about the missing persons’ recovery. He has been pushing ISI and other armed forces officials to present report about the ‘missing persons’ who have been picked up by the forces unlawfully without any allegation against them. This issue has brought up Balochistan to a such an alarming stage that majority of its residents are now demanding separation from Pakistan. Unfortunately the most corrupt PPP Government and forces have no concern about this worst situation.

In 2007 Chief Justice faced unjustified treatment from the worst dictator Pervaiz Musharraf when he started hearing the case on the ‘missing persons’. Now in 2012 once again he is on the target by the ISI and government for taking notice on the ‘missing persons’ case. This time the biggest property tycoon of Pakistan Mr. Malik Riaz (Bahria Town owner) has played a vital role in defaming the family of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. He has come up with some bills of credit cards and travelling documents showing that Justice Iftikhar’s elder son Arsalan Iftikhar has been enjoying lavish shopping, accommodation and travelling on Malik’s expenses since 2009. The reason Malik gave to the senior journalists for that is that he wanted to bribe indirectly to the Chief Justice who was hearing many cases against him. However he also admits that he was given not a single benefit in his cases.

These stories were circulating in Islamabad for about a month. Chief Justice took somoto action and called his son and Malik Riaz to the Supreme Court. Later on the request of Attorney General, he separated himself from the bench hearing this case so that the transparency could be maintained.

It is going to be the most important case in the judicial history of Pakistan. CJ has assured that of Arsalan proves to be guilty he will be treated according to the law. I am very mush sure that the honourable Chief Justice will Insha Allah once again win in this game and our so called forces will be defeated in the worst manner. PPP Government will be in the worst position after the decision of this case as illegitimate Prime Minister Gilani will not be able to defend his corrupt son Abdul Qadir Gilani involved in the Hajj and narcotics scandals. This is a real test case (امتحان) for the judiciary and especially the Chief Justice of Pakistan, which will put an unutterable mark on the history of Pakistan.


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  1. they will not be successful as they have no solid enough evidences against Arslan Iftikhar … he will be successful and rivals will face their fate

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