Punjab Government must establish libraries instead of distributing laptops

Libraries play a great role in a nation’s development

Few days ago I was a big supporter of Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s initiative of distributing laptop computers to the deserving students (on merit) of various colleges and universities inPunjab. I was also of the view that this would enhance their research capabilities further.

Last week my kids asked me to get them membership of our council’s public library in Merrylands, Sydney where we live and they attend their school. On their insisting I took them and my spouse to the library. To my surprise they made all of us their members free of cost. I was also highly impressed when the lady on the counter informed me that we could take as many as books with us and there were no dues for that.

Upper section has been equipped with good number of computers connected to high speed internet, where school going children make their assignment. I was glad to see that many students were doing combined study in the library. Library has a large number of books, CD’s, DVD’s and Bluray movies which you can rent with your membership card.

Book reading has been my all times hobby. We learn a lot by reading books written by the successful personalities. When I was in Pakistan, I always dreamed becoming member of some library, but could not do so. However now I understand that libraries can play a great role in research and development of a nation. It was far better if Punjab’s Chief Minister had made 10 pubic libraries in the large cities of Punjab so that the students could get benefit from them. Computers could be provided there with licensed software installed on them. Moreover members could be provided services of photocopying, printing, scanning and fax at subsidized rates so that they feel good in visiting libraries regularly. Generous organisations and personalities can be contacted for donating books and other things.

This would have been a great contribution towards the building of nation. Now I can see that awarded laptops would be used mainly in playing games, and watching movies and other unsuitable material. Some of the students may sell them for making money. There would be no benefit of them at all in conducting any research work.

I therefore request Mr. Shahbaz Sharif humbly that he and his team must think 100 times before announcing such a large scale initiative.



  1. I am not agree with you, at least 90% Library’s data and info are available on internet, and its very much hard to run library and paid staff’s salaries, repair & maintenance, and finally call peoples to visit libraries … in current scenario … peoples are trying to avoid travel as fuel cost is at its peak, shortage of public transport, high fares, unemployment rate and other circumstance are telling me to support CM Punjab to distribute laptops among students … it will bring INQALAAB in our country when peoples have “One Click” access to information and have facilities to submit their complaints, job application without moving an inch from their seats …

  2. These libraries can have their websites like they have here in Australia…. Its still better to develop the habit of book reading rather than wasting time on computers. There is no electricity in the cities so how can you expect one click access? But if libraries could be provided with electricity even through generators, people will be able to study, using internet and print/scan the documents. I hope you could understand what I mean.

  3. Rabia is right. It’s a blessing of Internet that information is a single click away from you. Shahbaz Sharif has distributed laptops among capable students so that they may feel easy to search any information they want.

  4. Libraries share a lot of their material on the Internet which their members can access.

  5. Sheddy … sorry i am not agree with you … Australian and Pakistani environments has huge differences and we can’t make a match with Any foreign society as they have 100% literacy rate and we (Pakistan) have only 20 to 25% literacy rate so we need go through facts instead to Copy their style and paste here …

  6. Sheddy … by saying that these libraries should have their own websites … in other words you are in favour of Laptops distribution as they will have access through internet and without Laptop / desktop they cant touch their websites … right

    secondly you may know that running a website is also not an easy matter … it also require huge hours to develop, run, update, post, upload, download, etc. etc. and for a commercial website you need to hire high-class professionals i.e. SQL, DBA, Web Developers, DATA ENTRY OPERATORS, Server, hosting and several other related items which are not easy to run a website too.

  7. For Electricity Issue … i want to draw you attention that there is no Electricity problem in our country … it is just a political trick to teas peoples … when Cricket Match happen between pakistan and india PM immediately order not to load-shedding just for sake of Cricket … and when it comes on Business, Industries etc etc. PM became blind and says that Load shedding could be increase … i don’t why government is trying to take revenge from public even they have elect them in elections … in fact at least our all largest departments are defaulter and they need to pay their bills to power generation companies in Billions

  8. Well written article. I agree with your viwpoint. À library can benefit many students, while à laptops usé is limited to an individual. Wé have public libraries in UK too, so can relate to ur article.

  9. Thanks for understanding my viewpoint Atika. Pakistan needs more and more libraries, of course equipped with computers and other modern facilities. UET Lahore has a very good library but it is only for the students and alumni of UET. We need public libraries so that the common man can approach them.

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