Pakistani institutions and departments providing the worst customer care services

Today I am sharing my own incident that made me highly upset. From reading this one can understand the level of mental torture being given to you if you ever experience any customer service from any institution of Pakistan.
I have a bank account in Lahore, Pakistan with Bank Al Habib for last many years. As I live in Australia my family uses the ATM card of the account for drawing money that I send them from Australia. Unfortunately one of my family members entered wrong pin number by mistake and the card got blocked for usage. I contacted their helpline immediately. I got surprised that when they refused to help me and made an excuse that I had to update my calling number with the branch where I had the account. I assured them that I was ready to answer all secret/verification questions, but they refused.
Then I contacted the branch and they advised me to send a signed letter with my new number on that. I sent the letter and provided my two cell numbers on that. I identified them as Primary Number and secondary ones. After 3 days as per their advice, I called again on their helpline from my Primary Number. But to my surprise they did not have that in their record. They asked me to call from my secondary number, which is a plan number and its very expensive to call from that one. I requested them again and again but all in vain.
I had to call from that number and was put in waiting for more than 5 minutes to get transferred. When I verified all things including Bank A/c number, the representative asked me to provide ATM card number, which I could not remember. He refused to help me out, although I had fulfilled all other requirements. Such a pathetic service this bank provides to the loyal overseas customers.
My wife then called my father from other (primary number) and got card number. Then I could activate it. There were around PKR 10,000 in my account at the moment….but due to the great service I spent more than 2300 PKR (AUD 25) for just a little thing. I am sorry but I am highly disturbed and I decided not to send a single penny into this account in the future.
I wish they could learn public service from Australian banks which provide every possible assistance just after verifying your full name, address and date of birth. In Australia institutions give value to their relationship with their clients and they give you tailored solutions meeting your requirements. Whereas in Pakistan they treat clients in a very insulting manner, without listening to their problems.

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