Book review: ‘Word and Vision’ by Sultan Khilji

Word and Vision by Sultan Khilji

Behind This Door

Behind this door

That never did open

Lay my tended garden,

No one ever did explore.


Sunflowers, daisies, and roses,

All colors kept alive & bright

By the springs that flow,

With waters sweet, reflecting light.


Many came; some returned,

Thinking it was locked;

Some stayed and looked around,

Yet never found a key.


Funny how they now complain

When they could’ve knocked.

Or just asked me?

This beautiful poem is one of the 26 masterpieces written by Lahore based Sultan Khilji. Each of the poems is accompanied by a beautiful painting. Mastermind behind the impressive art work is also Sultan Khilji, an architect by qualification and an NGO executive by profession. I know Sultan since our childhood as we share beautiful memories spanned over many years. Both our fathers were professors at Engineering University, Lahore.

Sultan has come up with thought provoking words. Once you read any of his poem and have a deep look into the accompanied artwork, you feel amazed. He has touched strings of life quite impressively. Sultan’s book is published by Syncronis Publishing, Portland, OR, USA. Indeed it is a great honor for Sultan and his family that the book has been reviewed by well acclaimed literary personalities from USA, Canada, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. They have highly appreciated his vision, conceptualisation and powerful writing skills. The book is available online on Amazon website for sale. I recommend readers to purchase this book at their earliest.

I would like to congratulate Sultan and his family on this great achievement and wish him a great success in his future endeavours.


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