A beautiful Qawali evening with Ustad Tahir Hussain Qawal

Dosti Multicultural Arts, in collaboration with Multiface Media (MFM) and Noman Ahemd Zaka, arranged a spectacular Qawali evening at ‘Cheema Da Dhaba’ restaurant in Granville, Sydney on Saturday, 14th of April 2012. US based revert Muslim Qawal Ustad Tahir Hussain was invited for performing live in front of Sydney-siders.

Tahir Hussain is a big fan of late Pakistan music maestro Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 15 years back this young American listened to Nusrat’s qawalis and he embraced Islam after falling in love with the kalaam’s of Baba Bulhay Shah, Waris Shah, Baba Fareed and other Sufi saints. Soon after his conversion, he started learning classical music from Pakistan. Not only this, he also learnt reading, writing and speaking Urdu language. Studying under vocal masters from Pakistan and India like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Pashupati Nath Mishra, Sher Ali Khan, Muazzum Qawwal and various others Tahir embodies the potency of ecstatic devotion.

He has been performing in USA, Pakistan and India for a long time. However it was his first chance to sing in Australia, where there is a great audience who understand Sufi music and qawalis. All his musicians and back vocalists (ہمنوا) were his Sydney-sider students. They included Barbie (female co-vocalist), Kuldip Kumar, Raam Laal and Noman Ahmed (back vocalists), Autar Aziz (harmonium player) and Yama (tabla and dholak player).

Quite a good number of audience was there to attend this programme. Most impressive point was that there were more than 10 guests from English speaking countries (Australia, New Zealand, China, USA and UK). Ustad and his team sang about 20 songs (qawalis and ghazals) in Urdu and Punjabi languages that were highly appreciated by the listeners. Best songs were ‘Allah Hoo’, ‘Saansoun Ki Maala’, ‘Dulhay Ka Sehera’, ‘Pak Pattan Te’ and ‘Dum Mast Qalander’. Ustad Tahir and Barbie sang quite difficult Punjabi songs amazingly perfect even they are from English background. Their command on notes and pitch was just perfect.

During the 30 minute break, all the guests were served with very delicious Pakistani cuisine. Programme started at 7:30 pm and winded up at 11:00 pm. Zahid Minhas, Manager Dosti Multicultral Arts, hosted the function. Noman, Javed Iqbal, Shayan, Adeel, Ajay Gosh (MFM) and Charlotte managed the event remarkably. Solicitor Ejaz Khan, Mr. & Mrs. Atiq Ul Hassan, Zafar Islam Khan (Mahi Arts and Culture) and PTI president Mahmood Ahmed Chadhar graced the event with their presence.

Zahid minhas of Dosti Multicultural Arts would like to thank the sponsors for the event that included Rana Motors (Campsie), Taxi Australia, Eftpos, SIS Security, Money express, and the media partners (Radio Dosti – 88.5 FM, Indoaus Times, Apna Punjab TV, Raio Jharoka – 88.9FM, Sadaewatan Sydney, Saaz-o-Awaz, Radio 2000) and Sada-e-Shahid (http://sheddy73.com).

Announcement: Australia based Pakistani organisation Auspak is arranging Sufi Night with Ustad Tahir Hussain Qawal on 21st April 2012 at Warwick Farm Centre, Sydney. Time is 1800 hrs sharp.



  1. Buhat shaandaar Shahid sb! Buhat umda aur great program tha aur repor buhat meari hei. Mubarak qubool karen.

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