PTI Pakistan Day Function in Sydney

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Australia chapter organised a special evening in Sydney on 8th of April 2012 for celebrating the Pakistan Day (23 March 1940). It was my first chance to attend a PTI program after joining them formally. Program was anchored by the versatile compere Mr. Salik Hameed Khawaja, who used very meaningful verses from Urdu poetry throughout his compering.

Program started around 5:30 pm. PTI Executive Committee member Mr. Farhan Arif recited few ayats from Surah Yaseen. Later a young student Ansar presented Naat (praise of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Then Shahid Javed (myself) played the beautiful videos of Pakistani and Australian national anthems on the multimedia screen. After the anthems, Ms. Sarwat Hassan was called onto the stage who presented a very impressive English presentation on the importance of Pakistan Day.

Eng. Shahid Javed with Eng. Nasir A. Karim (Canberra)

Crowd was now waiting for some sort of entertainment. Team Dosti Manager Zahid Minhas invited Shahid Javed (myself) and Shayan Rafique onto the stage. Shayan was the singer and Shahid was on the workstation. They sang a modified version of evergreen national song “Mein Bhi Pakistan Huun (میں بھی پاکستان ہوں)”. Song received high response from the crowd. After that PTI Australia President came onto the stage. He highlighted the efforts of Imran Khan and his team (PTI) in bringing the country back to the track which was paved by the founder Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Following him Mr. Waqas Basheer, member PTI Executive Committee presented the slides based journey of PTI, in which Imran Khan’s various interviewsand large gatherings were shown on screen.

Audience enjoying the program

The presentation was followed by the dinner break. Very delicious food was provided by the Himalaya Restaurant (the venue). After the break Sydney based Pakistani mimickers Farjad Mehmood and Khurram Qaiser presented a beautiful comedy skit, which was highly appreciated by the audience. Then a female singer Mehreen Javed sang Junoon’s famous national song “Jazba Junoon (جذبہ جنون)”. She also sang two more songs “Mahia (ماہیا)” and “Boohay Baariaan (بوہے باریاں)”. After her songs Sydney based famous Pakistani journalist Mr. Ateeq-ul-Hassan spoke to the audience about the concept of two-nation theory. He also assured his full support to PTI. Later Sydney based Pakistani solicitor Mr. Ijaz Khan was invited to the stage. He also gave a very good speech in which he highlighted the importance of unity and punctuality in our community. He assured his full support to PTI as well.

Solicitor Ijaz Khan addressing to the audience

Then Shahid and Shayan once again came for performing and they performed very popular song of Strings “Mein Tou Daikhuun Ga (میں تو دیکھوں گا)”. Then they sang a beautiful medley of Alamgir’s very popular songs “Deikha Na Tha (دیکھا نہ تھا)” and “Ko Ko Koreina (کو کو کورینا)”. Crowd sang the song with them. After these songs, President of SOS Pakistan Ms. Rachel Cruz informed about the SOS efforts in Pakistan for helping the deprived children. After this informative speech, Team Dosti Manager, Mr. Zahid Minhas invited Noman Ahmed Zaka who sang “Allah Hoo” without any music and cast a spell with his beautiful grip on the difficult notes. Shahid and Shayan provided him backvocals for this beautiful sufi melody. Later Shahid and Shayan were invited once again on the stage. They sang Najam Sheraz’s super hit song “In Se Nain (ان سے نین)”. By this this beautiful evening reached its ending.

Shayan singing "Mein Bhi Pakistan Huun"

Mehreen singing "Mahia"

I (Shahid Javed) playing and singing "In Se Nain"

The event could be regarded as a good effort of PTI Australia. However this time number of guests was less than the 14th August 2011 event. This could be mainly because of the reason that the function was organised on Easter day, and many families were outside Sydney for enjoying 4 day long Easter weekend.


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