Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Concert in Sydney

It was a beautiful Saturday evening (24th of March 2012) in Sydney. I reached Darling Harbour Sydney for attending ‘Return of the King’ concert. Around 3,500 people were present there for listening to the wonderful eastern music (qawali’s, ghazals and film songs) live from this legendary Pakistani singer. Most of the people were the Indians. However a large number of Pakistani and Fijian expatriates were also present there.

Sydney Concert

Sydney Convention Centre has the biggest auditorium with a capacity of about 3,500 people. Red Chillies Entertainment were the organisers of this mega event. It is a true face that all tickets were sold out two weeks before the concert. The stage was beautifully decorated and three large LCD screens were installed for providing clear vision of the performers. Programme was due to start at 7:30 pm, yet it started 30 minutes later than the scheduled time. In the beginning, three Sydney-sider artists in the form of a group played a beautiful instrumental using Tabla, a Norwegian instrument and Australian aboriginal instrument didgeridoo. They got a lot of applause from the audience.

Then the time came for which every single person was waiting anxiously. Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s team came up to the stage, comprising of 9 musicians and 6 back-vocalists (for qawali). They played instrumental of Ustad’s super hit Punjabi song ‘Mein Tainu Samjhawaan Ki’ (میں تینوں سمجھاواں کی). Rashid Ali Khan played the lead tone on Saxophone and created a spell on the audience sitting in the jam packed hall. After this Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan rose up to the stage. Crowd gave him a great welcome with a large applause. He sang 22 songs altogether which are listed below:

1 Allah Hoo (اللہ ہو)
2 Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein (تم جو آئے زندگی میں)
3 Kaisa Ye Ishq Hay (کیسا یہ عشق ہے)
4 Aj Din Charrhya (اج دن چڑھیا)
5 Sureeli Akheeoun Waley (سریلی اکھیوں والے)
6 Chahat – new song (چاہت)
7 Tumhayn Dil Lagi (تمہیں دل لگی بھول جانی پڑے گی)
8 Dil Kho Gaya (دل کھو گیا)
9 O Re Piya (او رے پیا)
10 Akhiyaan Udeek Diyaan (اکھیاں اڈیک دیاں)
11 Sajda (سجدہ)
12 Mayn Tainuun Samjhawaan Ki (میں تینوں سمجھاواں کی)
13 Tujhay Dekh Dekh Sona (تجھے دیکھ دیکھ سونا)
14 Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hay (یہ جو ہلکا ہلکا سرور ہے)
15 Meyn Jahaan Rahuun (میں جہاں رہوں)
16 Dil Tou Bacha Hai Ji (دل تو بچہ ہے)
17 Nainoun Ki Mut Maanio Re (نینوں کی مت مانیو رے)
18 Mastt Nazroun Se Allah (مست نظروں سے اللہ بچائے)
19 Afreen Afreen (آفریں، آفریں)
20 Teray Mastt Mastt Dou Nain (تیرے مست مست دو نین)
21 Teri Meri, Meri Teri (تیری میری، میری تیری)
22 Dum Mastt Qalandar (دم مست قلندر)

Beautiful Auditorium of Sydney Convention Centre before the start of concert

Crowd enjoyed his performance a lot. All his musicians and supporting back-vocalists also gave their best performances. Programme continued till 1:00 am.  At the end, organisers thanked Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and all the audience who made this event a memorable one.

Listening live to this great artist of Pakistan was a wonderful experience for me and I must say that Rahat is the pride and recognition of Pakistan all over the world.




  1. Hey I was also in the concert. I really liked the norweigian instrument that guy played. do you remember the name of the band or the name of the instrument ?

  2. it is called hang drum and after much researching, i found that it is the most hard to acquire musical instrument on earth…

  3. There are numbers of song but not
    جیا دھڑک دھڑک جائے
    why ??????????????????????

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