No ‘VIP’ culture in Australia

Its 2012….. but in Pakistan it is a common road scene that hundreds of vehicles are held for long time by the traffic police just for making sure that a VIP’s convey passes without a single second of delay. Unfortunately many times ambulances carrying serious patients get stuck which sometime results in the unforeseen causalities.

In Australia there is no concept of any VIP culture. Here even the richest people have to obey the law in the same way like a common man does. On the petrol stations, owners/drivers of the vehicles fill fuel in their car themselves and then pay the required amount by waiting in queues. Even police cops follow the same discipline. Nobody cares about the brand or model of others’ cars. This is the reason Australian society is free from any classification based on financial statuses. All type of people travel in public transport as parking is not available in the CBD’s.

I wish our beloved Pakistanis can change their mind and treat everyone in the same way…..


  1. You wouldn’t like American, then. President Obama ties up entire cities wherever he travels. And he does so frequently. And if he decides to go to a professional sporting event it’s a nightmare.

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