A beautiful Ghazal evening in Sydney by Mahi Arts and Culture

Mr. Zafar Islam Khan is a prominent Sydneysider from Pakistani community. He is General Secretary of Urdu Society of Australia. He always shows great interests in promoting Pakistani artists in Australian Indo-Pak community. Few months back Mr. & Mrs. Khan formed an organisation Mahi Arts and Culture (MAAC) for promoting Pakistani culture in Australia. On 25th February they arranged their first programme ‘Gala of Ghazals’ in Sydney. Renowned Ghazal Singer Ustad Ghulam Abbas especially flew to Australia for performing in MAAC programme. Two more concerts will take place in Brisbane and Canberra on 2nd and 3rd March respectively.

Beautifully decorated C3 Convention Centre, Silverwater was the venue. Consulate General of Pakistan in Sydney, Mr. Azam Muhammad graced the occasion with his presence. Famous Pakistani TV actress Madam Uzma Gilani also attended the concert. Show started with the performance of local artist Mr. Riaz Shah, who sang 3 songs of Muhammad Rafi. Rehan Alvi anchored the show. Ustad Ghulam Abbas started his performance by singing  beautiful melody ‘Shah-e-Madina’, which is a religious kalam. After that he sang variety of popular songs from his own compositions, which included songs like ‘Dil Mein Ik Leher’, ‘Bersaat Ke Mausam Mein’, ‘Zindagi Ki Duaa Naa Dee Jaaye’ (written by Zafar Khan) . He also sang Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali’s song ‘Sunn Charkhay Dee Mithee Mithee Kook’ and ‘Mein Nay Roka Bhi Naheen’. Show ended with the dhamal song ‘Laal Meri Patt’. Audience appreciated the artists by huge applause. Guitarist Ishtiaq and local musician Zulfiquar on Tabla and two others on keyboards and dholak respectively played beautifully.

Noman Ahmed designed the digital advertisements for the event. Taj Mahal Events Management designed the stage beautifully. Shahid Javed (myself) facilitated the organisers by providing photographic facilities. Event was a memorable one and I must say that there is nothing more pure in music than eastern music.


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