Pakistani nation getting frustrated on extra slow action of Supreme Court against PM Gilani

Contempt case is in the final stages in Supreme Court these days. Prime Minister Gilani was yesterday told by the Supreme Court, in his presence that he stood accused in this case as he intentionally ignored Court’s orders for writing the letter to the Swiss banks for cooperating in the money laundering case against President Zardari. Now the Prime Minister of Pakistan has been indicted in contempt of court case.

However once again Supreme Court postponed the hearing of this case till 22nd of February 2012. This has created frustration in Pakistani nation who wants immediate decision on this historic case. Common man is already depressed because of the prevailing issues in Pakistan. Famous lawyer and politician Aitzaz Ahsan already defamed himself by offering his advocacy services to Prime Minister Gilani in this case. People now want culprits to be punished, otherwise they will lose their hope in the system.


One comment

  1. No doubt, Supreme Court is delaying its decision that is not good. However, some people believe that this strategy is right as CJP does not want Gillani to become a myrter in this case.

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