Great Javed Hashmi joins Imran Khan in his mission!

It was year 2000 when Army dictator Pervaiz Musharraf dismissed PML(N) government and put its leader behind the bars. Both Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif could not withstand pressure and by the help of Saudi Arabian government left the country after signing a deal. I really call that an intelligent move as they returned back to Pakistan after 7-8 years instead of spending their life in jail.

Javed Hashmi and other Muslim League members were also put in the jail. Many of them including big names like Ch. Shujat and Pervaiz Illahi shook hand with Musharraf and left PML(N). Few kept standing with the Sharifs. Javed Hashmi won the election and became a member of the National Assembly from Multan. Hashmi is a true leader and he got a very hard reward for that. Musharraf put him in jail after declaring through his corrupt judiciary at that time under an accusation of going against the Pak Army. Hashmi was tortured badly during his prison-ship. He was president of PML(N) at that time as original leadership was outside country. He wrote a book in jail that got great popularity. After 8 years, finally he got released after the orders of Pakistan Supreme Court.

When Sharifs returned to Pakistan they appreciated Hashmi’s efforts. However when PML(N) contested in 2008 elections, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan was made as Parliament Leader of the party, which was a great injustice with Hashmi sahib. Later at all the occasions, Sharifs always gave more value to Nisar. Javed Hashmi has been a true and bold man throughout his political career. On 24th December 2011 finally he resigned from the membership of PML(N) and joined Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He has been warmly welcomed by the PTI leaders including Imran Khan and will be appointed as Chief Organiser of the party. This is indeed a very big loss for PML(N), but a very good addition to Imran’s team. We wish that Hashmi could get his deserved respect and status.


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