Lahore is thankful to Shahbaz Sharif

I am in Pakistan these days after almost a year. As I don’t live permanently here now I don’t have any transport for moving around the city of Lahore. In order to do some shopping and preparing some documents I had to use the public transport. In the past it was a nightmare travelling in buses of Lahore. This time I experienced a wonderful change in the transport sector of Lahore.

Air conditioned coaster in Lahore

Due to the great interest of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Lahories are now enjoying respectable communication facilities. New buses have been deployed that carry commuters to all locations of Lahore. Introduction of air conditioned coasters is an appreciable act. I boarded on one such coaster from Regal Chowk for alighting at R.A Bazaar  Cantt. It was quite impressive to see the lady ticket seller in the coaster. All the passengers were also very polite. Other bus I boarded on was of First Bus (part of Lahore Transport Company). I really appreciate PML(N) Government for providing such decent travelling facilities to the residents and visitors of Lahore.




Artificial waterfall in Race Course Park Lahore

Another appreciable act of the revolutionary Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is declaring free entry into the public parks of Lahore. Even there is no parking fee for the visitors at all. Punjab Government pays for the parking to the private contracting company. I visited Jilani Park (Race Course Park) with my extended family last week. The park is still as beautiful as it was when it was developed. Artificial waterfall was running in full swing and families were there to enjoy the changing weather. There were beautifully grown sunflowers that were adding to the beauty of this beautiful park. I appreciate the efforts of Shshbaz Sharif for providing recreational facilities to the low-income families as well.

Jilani Park (Race Course Park) Lahore


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