Eid ul Adha being celebrated all over world: what’s happening in Pakistan?

Today (Sunday, 6 Nov. 2011) Eid ul Adha is being celebrated in many countries of the world including Saudia Arabia, Middle East, UK, USA, Canada and some parts of Australia. Rest of the areas will have Eid tomorrow as unfortunately Muslim Communities have been unsuccessful in arriving to a single method of moon sighting. I congratulate all Muslim readers on this great occasion.

Today I was thinking of writing something on punishment of three Pakistani cricketers Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Aamer and Salman Butt by the UK courts. When I checked the on-line newspaper (e-paper) of Express News, I came across a very depressive news that stole my Eid excitement. Unfortunately I belong to a country where there is no respect for the ethical values. When Eid ul Adha arrives every year, prices of the cattle are increased up to such a level that common man cannot afford to fulfil the requirement of sacrifice on this Eid. Price of a normal goat or sheep in Australia is around $80 (Pak Rs. 7,000) but in my sweet Pakistan it is around 18,000 – 20,000 Rs.

Children are innocent and they cannot understand the financial difficulties of their parents. Yesterday in Lahore a very sad incident took place. Muhammad Saleem, a driver by occupation, was asked by his kids for purchasing a goat for sacrificing on the Eid. The poor fellow went to the designated cattle market for fulfilling his kids’ desire. He didn’t know that there were the merchants there who had gathered to please the devil (شیطان). They asked too much high prices for their cattle. Saleem could not purchase any of the animals. When he was on his way back to his home in Lal Pul (Red Bridge), his mind was filled with the depressive thoughts. Near Dubai Square, Allama Iqbal Town, the poor fellow put himself on fire. People on the spot saved his life and took him to the hospital, where he is in very critical condition till now.

I just ask a simple question to the whole Pakistani society today…… Is there any SINGLE Court, NGO, religious party or media group which can speak against this injustice……which takes place regularly every year. In fact we belong to a country where there is no value of human life at all…… Where only rich have the right to enjoy bounties of the life. Where we cannot live if we don’t agree to the corrupt system. Even then Pakistan Zindabad!


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  1. Feeling very sad to read this. Children cannot understand the realities that prices have gone too high. I have got a share in cow and am grateful to Allah for enabling me to do that.

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