The wind of change in Pakistan!

At last people of Lahore voted in the favour of their new leader Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Yesterday at Minar-e-Pakistan around 100,000 people came to listen the great leader on his call againt the corrupt PPP government. Imran not only presented his party’s policy in detail, but also warned the government of civil disobedience in case the politicians don’t declare their assetts.


Journalists and analysts are decalring the gathering as a huge success for PTI who has been trying to bring change in Pakistanis’ attitude for last 15 years. Gathering was attended mostly by the youngsters from middle and upper-middle classes. They were very sentimental about Imran. One different and good thing was that pop singers and bands including Shahzad Roy and Strings also performed live on the stage, whereas Imran and otehrs also offered prayer on the stage. It brought a moderate image of Imran and his party.

Ladies and elderly people also came to the gathering. They all came from far off places to show their support to Imran and his team. Minar-e-Pakistan park could not hold all the spectators and many had to listen to the speeches standing outside the park. I am very happy to see this ‘wind of change’ coming in Pakistan. I wish that Imran could become the prime minister of Pakistan and bring our country out of the long-going crisis. We love Pakistan!


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