Jagjit Singh – the ghazal king left us!!!!

Jagjit Singh - the legend who passed away!

I cannot express how much sad I felt when I heard the unexpected news of Jagjit Singh’s sudden death, who was under treatment after an attack of brain haemorrhage. I was one of his biggest fans in the world. He often used to perform in Sydney. This time I was waiting for his next performance, for which I had full commitment to attend and listen the ghazal singer live.

No doubt, it is a great loss for the people of India and Pakistan, who loved Jagjit Jee’s Urdu ghazals. He sang many songs that simply create a spell on the listeners. Some of them include Hontoun Se Chhoo Lou Tum (ہونٹوں سے چھو لو تم), Tum Itna Jo Muskara Rahay Hou (تم اتنا جو مسکرا رہے ہو), Kaghaz Ki Kashti (کاغذ کی کشتی), Tum Ko Daikha Tou Yeh Khayal Aaya (تم کو دیکھا تو یہ خیال آیا), Kisi Nazar Ko Tera (کسی نظر کو تیرا), Din Aa Gaye Shabab Ke (دن آ گئے شباب کے), Kurti Mulmul Dee (کرتی ململ دی), Saaray Pind Ich Puaarray Paaye (سارے پنڈ اچ پواڑے پائے) and a lot more. Jagjit Singh was 70 year old, but his voice quality was still superb. Initially his wife Chitra Singh used to sing duets with him. After the young death of their only son in a road accident, Chitra left singing forever. Jagjit Singh was the heart and soul of eastern music. He sang some re-arranged songs of his fellow singers in an album ‘Close to my heart’, which is a beautiful treat for his fans.

We will always remember Jagjit Sahib as there are very few persons who are not only good in their profession but also great in their dealing. I am sharing a tributary video of this great singer from the album ‘Close to my heart’.



  1. As a Music Director, he composed the music of Prem Geet. All the songs of Prem Geet are sweet and evergreen.

  2. he was surely a superb singer , i almost loved his every single song , we will surely miss that beautiful voice now …
    Numair From Lahore Pakistan

  3. Truely he was great singer and i am big fan, I have good collection of him, after Mehdi Hassan i can say that he was the “King of Ghazal”, we will miss him a lot.

    Nasim Farooqui – Dubai

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