Sydney – the city of festivals and multiculturalism

On 30th and 31st of August Muslims celebrated Eid(s) in Australia and in other corners of the world. I could not imagine that Eid would be celebrated in such a great way in Sydney, Australia. Many festivals and programmes were organised in this regard, which were attended not only by the Muslims but Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs as well. I feel proud to see that Pakistani community in Sydney is very well organised and they arranged many of these programmes.

Eid celebrations kicked off with Chand Raat Eid festival which was organised by a Pakistani family. This was a beatiful colourful event held on Sunday 28th of August 2011. It was attanded by Pakistani Conslate General Mr. Azam Muhammad and a good number of NSW members of the Parliament. Pakiastani, Indian, Bangali and Arab communities arranged beautiful stalls of clothes, hina, bangles and delicious food.

On Sunday 4th September Pakistani and Indian Muslims organised MEFF (Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair). Once again it attracted a large number of Muslims and others living in Sydney. Its main attraction was the beatifully decorated stalls by different companies and restaurants. Families were present in a large number to attend the event. It was just like a full-day picnic.

On Wednesday 7th September Pakistan Association of  Australia arranged a special Eid Milan program in NSW Parliament House in Sydney. This event was only for the selected elite class Pakistanis living in Australia. President Iftikhar Rana and Mr. Ashraf Chohan put great efforts showed in bringing a big number of NSW members of Parliament there. I was amazed to know that Ms. Barbara Perry (Shadow Minister for Ageing, Shadow Minister for Disability Services, Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services, and Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs) arranged the halal snacks at her own expense for all the guests. A beautiful comedy skit presentation was made by Khurram Qaiser and Farjad Butt which got great applause by the audience.

I really appreciate Sydneysiders who are doing great work for showing tolerance, harmony, mutual respect and care towards each other. This positive attitude has made this lovely city a real ‘city of peace’. I give credit to every single Sydneysider on this.



  1. coming to sydney from1 to 7 of june, wish to meet pakistani community, if possible doctors from pakistan

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