Eid Mubarak to the Muslim Community

Allah SWT has been so kind on us that He made us Muslims without our choice. Its His best gift for us for which we can never be able to thank the Almighty. Islam is the most beautiful religion in this world that teaches its followers humbleness, love, peace, respect for others, and tolerance. Muslim community was busy in keeping fast during the last month (Ramadan ul Mubarik). On 30th and 31st of August they celebrated Eid in various areas as per witnessing the sighting of moon. Eid is a colourful event. I was in Sydney on this day. Muslims offered Eid prayer in the community hall of Perry Park here.

Eid prayer gathering in Perry Park, Lakemba

It was great to see a large number of our community from different cultural and ethical backgrounds coming for the prayer. After the sermon (خطبہ) all the Muslims greeted each other. They were very happy for spending a full month in the obedience of Allah SWT. In Australia there was no public holiday even for the Muslims on Eid, which is a sad thing. In Pakistan Christian community is given special holidays on Easter and Christmas. I had to attend my office for a few hours. Then I came back to home and had lunch. After that we moved out for roaming around the city attractions. It was a good day filled with true happiness. I wish all my Muslims readers Eid Greetings. May Allah SWT accept our prays that we asked in Ramadan and forgive our sins. Ameen!

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