O Allah! Please send us some savior!!!!!!!

Allah help us!

I am highly dejected and disappointed today after reading the news of dozens of killings in Karachi – the Mini Pakistan! Very sad to say that Muslims are not safe in an Islamic country, even in the holy month of Ramadan. Is this the way to ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT in the greatest month? Are we aware what are we doing? Will we be going to Jannah (paradise) in our next life after this much massacre? Is their anyone who can bring peace, harmony and life back to its normal stage in Karachi? I fear that now there is no chance of any improvement in Pakistan and particularly in Karachi. MQM, ANP and PPP are all responsible in ruining this cosmopolitan city of lights. Just imagine that in Karachi you don’t know whether you return safely to your home when you leave for your job or any other business. I am highly disappointed about Pakistan. I pray to Allah to send us a savior (maseeha) now. Our country is burning. We have lost our identity, respect and ego. Karachiites are living in a state of terror and lawlessness. They don’t know at all what they could face in the coming couple of hours. Innocent children are being deprived of their beloved and loving fathers. They have lost their childhood beauty, their hope and their beloved relations. Residents of Karachi want peace at any cost. So Allah! please be kind on all of us and bring us back our peace, solidarity, values and ethics. O Allah! this is Ramadan and I know that you accept our prays in this holy month; so please bless us with a peaceful Pakistan. O Allah! give us a leader who can bring us out of this worst condition of terrorism, injustice, corruption, anarchy and lawlessness. O Allah! give us strength, unity and patience so that we could live peacefully as a nation rather than a crowd.

Burning Pakistan!

I request all my readers to please raise your hands in the bargah of Allah SWT for sending a true Islamic LEADER to Pakistan, who could be able to lead this aimless nation; the one who could be able to unite us once again; the one who could bring back the smiles on the innocent faces of future generation; the one who could once again bring back our lost identity and glory; the one who could be able to tackle with our enemies in the best strategical way; the one who could dispense our wounds; the one who could be able to lead us in an honourable way, without any further loans and aids; the one who could bring peace in allover the country and get us rid of the US drone attacks and suicidal blasts.

This is Ramadan, the most favourite month of Allah SWT. We ask for His forgiveness and kindness on us. If He is not kind on us, we would be ruined and even our name would not be in the history. Please readers, do not forget to make special prays (dua’s) in this holy month of Ramadan for the peace and solidarity of Pakistan. Otherwise I see a blood-filled revolution coming SOON!


  1. This Government has lost all reasons to stay in power. As Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan say, the only solution is a new election.

  2. Dear Sheddy,

    Really I am also very sad about this current law and order situation in Karachi, I am staying in dubai with my family but other relative in Karachi and yesterday i talked to my sister who is living in Gulsan(karachi), she was very upset and I feel her very scared, she told me that my nephew did not come home and she was waiting but alhamdulillah he came after a while and right now we should pray to Allah and Astaghfar, i want to add some more words in your doa:

    “Ya’ALLAH we all are fighting with each other and killing for no reason. Please give hidayat to every one. Ya’ALLAH Destroy them! who are leading this bad act. ALLAH give them justice who’s dears are killed and destroy their killers. Nothing is impossible for you ALLAH, accept our dua.
    O ALLAH we don’t know how to ask but you know how to give, Please give us back the happiness and peace of our city 😥 . We are sinners, forgive our sins and accept our prayers 😦 Aameen!”


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