Ramadan Kareem in Australia

Happy Ramadan (رمضان) Kareem to my Muslim readers. It’s my first time that I am celebrating this great month in a non-Muslim country, Australia. As I am living in Sydney, the biggest city of Australia, luckily there are many Masjids and Musalas (small mosques) here. While I am in my office, my Australian colleagues ask me about the concept of fasting in Islam. They listen to my limited knowledge with interest and respect. Then they pay me special respect throughout the day after knowing that I am fasting.

Lakemba (thanks to SBS for picture)

Here the only difficulty comes sometimes in finding a place to offer salah (prayer) as there are not masjids/musalas everywhere. However by the grace of Allah SWT a large number of Halal Food providing restaurants are located everywhere in Sydney. In the worst case one can go for fillet-o-fish burgers at McDonald’s. Muslim community in Lakemba arrange iftars (and dinners) every night at Ernest Street Musala. Large number of Mulims from all age groups gather to offer taraaweeh (تراویح) here. This looks quite good in a country like Australia. Here many Muslims follow their religion and traditions, while living with their non-Muslim friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Islam teaches us peace, love and respect. I have seen most of non-Muslims following these things. There is no harm in using the latest technology, like iPhone, Tablets, eBooks etc. but we must be using them positively. Software applications like ‘Athan’, ‘compass’ and many other give information about the prayer timings and Qibla direction. I am happy to see that Muslims living in Australia are fully aware of these modern technologies. They use ‘Google maps’ for locating nearest Masjids and Musalas. They are not less than any other community in the use of modern age technologies.

I wish all readers once again the very happy and blessed Ramadan.


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