Great harmony between Pakistanis and Indians living in Australia

Indus Village Restaurant, Sydney

I got two different yet interesting chances of attending gatherings where Pakistanis and Indians living in Australians (students, immigrants and Australian citizens by grant) were present together, and to my surprise they were not discussing any politics at all. Both events took place in Australia, however were totally different from each other in their nature.

First event was the opening of a Pakistani-Indian cuisine restaurant Indus Village in Blacktown, Sydney. The restaurant is owned by a young Pakistani student Mr. Adnan Ahmed. He had invited his friends from Pakistani and Indian communities on this special occasion. I got a good chance of meeting senior businessmen and engineers there. I really liked the attitude Indian guys showed. They made the evening memorable with their lively dance performances on live DJ music. Pakistani gentlemen also danced with them. Everyone was happy over Adnan’s attempt and all were well wishing him. Indian friends especially met me after knowing that I was an Engineer. They appreciated our community in Australia and blamed politicians for the differences between the two countries.

Lakemba Masjid

Second event was a religious gathering in Ernest Street Masjid, Lakemba, Sydney. This was a general Islamic talk. I got highly impressed to see Pakistani, Indian and Bangali Muslims making programs for participating in upcoming preach-walks, 3-day and 40-day stays in Jamaat sessions in various areas of Australia. Subhan Allah! I could not imagine that in Australia I would find the true good Muslims. I came to know that this is a regular practice of carrying out such gatherings in the Ernest Street Masjid, which was a church previously. By the grace of Allah Muslims from different ethnicity and cultural background work together for the noble cause of keeping our Muslim community united. They are struggling hard to make sure that Australian Muslims keep away from social evil.

On both sides, as mentioned above I really liked the harmony between the Pakistani and Indian communities. They are living in Australia in a very friendly environment. I wish that my Pakistani nation fellows living in different provinces of country could learn from them and stop hating and torturing each other on the basis of political, cultural and religious differences. Allah may bless my country with peace and prosperity. Ameen!


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