Should Pakistani media be blamed for demoralising Pakistanis???

These days most of my Pakistani friends seem to be unhappy from the role of different private TV channels of Pakistan. They are of the view that media is promoting negative image of our armed forces or in other words media is fulfilling the agenda of our enemies. They claim that due to the over telecasting of disturbing torture videos and news, Pakistan’s image is badly effected and overseas Pakistanis are facing an embarrassing situation because of the immature attitude of our media.

I agree that definitely media is showing a bad picture of our beloved motherland. But is media showing any fake videos??? What would you do if someone gets a chance of making video of any bad thing happening from his mobile and uploads it on Youtube?

My friends must not forget that it was media that promoted Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry in his justified war against the dictator General Pervaiz Musharraf… Media supported the war against terrorists always. Media showed interviews with the families of the Army martyrs (shaheed’s) who sacrificed their lives for us. Media supported Imran Khan and others in collecting the huge charities during floods and earthquakes in Pakistan. Many times media brought stories of deserving poor patients on screen after which government or other resourceful agencies came out for helping them. Media told us that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is our Hero and Pervaiz Musharraf is a traitor.

Media can be blamed however for showing blood-filled scenes after the bomb blasts and suicidal attacks. I personally believe that such scenes put a psychological effect on the innocent minds of children and at the same time aggravate fear in the mind of ordinary people. Media must avoid showing such things.

However media’s criticism on government and the armed forces is justified. People expect good from them. Even in the developed countries media (newspapers and TV channels) highlight any injustice done by Police or the government officials. Strong action is taken as a result, not against the media but, against the culprits for improving image of the concerned department(s).

In this article today I am not highlighting any particular bad incident recently taken place in Pakistan as my friends could blame me for promoting a bad image of the country, however I would just like to say that it is the 21st century and we cannot hide the facts. If an innocent is murdered by the armed forces, the story must be shared with the whole world, so that courts could be forced for initiating action against the culprits, and they could be given the punishment as per law.

Any culprits, whether they are from the armed forces or the government, must be penalised without any concession. This is never possible unless the media remains neutral in sharing the stories and videos. We all must make sure that keeping silent on an unfair treatment is the worst attitude.

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