Pakistani nation awaits a real leader…….Imran Khan please come forward Sir!!!!

After the recent attack on Pakistan Navy, the nation has gone under a situation of insecurity. When even the military forces of country are unsafe and incapable of fighting against the terrorists, what can the dejected nation think of their security? However Pakistani leaders (Zardari and his government) are once again quite okay with this situation. They have their own mindset which has nothing to do with the condition of common man.

Imran - the only hope for Pakistanis!

Under this situation now the nation is badly waiting for some sincere leader who can bring Pakistan out of the long ongoing crisis. If we take a deep look into the prevailing political scene in Pakistan, there is only one leader who has the vision. he thinks of the country like his mother. He is the one who has full confidence on his team, which comprises of highly educated people. Imran Khan is that leader. He told in a recent interview that all of his team members are honest and intelligent, and they know how to bring country out of the present problems.

Imran always puts stress on rectifying the judiciary system in Pakistan from the gross route level. He believes that if all rich people of Pakistan start paying taxes, the government will no more relying on the foreign loans and aids. For this he has a detailed plan in his mind.

In the recent few weeks there is a vast change taking place in Pakistan. People of drone attacked areas are coming out in the support of Imran Khan instead of any Islamic labelled political party. Imran always has said that Pakistan is fighting for the USA and there is no need of doing so. He urges that once we stop taking dollars (money) from the US, we can ask them firmly to stop attacking Pakistani areas with drones. He also pledges that if he get a chance to govern the country, he will change lavish government buildings into the educational institutions.

I personally request my Pakistani fellow readers to please ‘vote’ Imran’s party (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) in the next elections as nation has been suffering for a long time by giving a chance to the other so-called leaders that have no ethics of patriotism at all. Imran won the 1992 Cricket World Cup for Pakistan in his captaincy. He has built the most modern cancer research and treatment hospital in Lahore. In Mianwali, he has set up a state-of-the-art college as well. We are 100% sure that he can lead us to the success and get us a status of self reliance and dignity once again that we had in our start…..



One comment

  1. Nation of Pakistan is looked like a dead body, and patriotic leaders and intellectuals of Pakistan seems to be a widow mourning and talking in front of deceased , to reduce the grief and pain, now the situation is entirely changed, I am wordless to say any thing accept prayer in the favor of my own country peoples, it’s a time to be expiated as an entire Nation in order to admit our own mistakes, and our own negligence, our carelessness, it’s a time for entire Nation of Pakistan to take oath of reformation a rectification of character ,attitude , behavior ,moral status ,personality ,civilization and life style as a Nation.

    I am dreaming
    We are living in the fool’s paradise
    It’s too late to realize the realty

    Har shaaKh peh ulloo baiThaa hai
    Anjaam e gulistaaN kyaa ho gaa

    Ismail Ajaz Khayaal

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