Its time to take immediate steps for saving Pakistan

After the Abbottabad incident unfortunately Pakistan is facing the worst criticism from allover world. Our problem creating neighbouring country Afghanistan is also speaking against us. we must think now very seriously about our friends and enemies and it is the time to develop a unanimous foreign policy now. Pakistan should take immediate steps for restoring its image. Our government should start sealing the long Pak-Afghan border now. The Army should make sure that there could be no passing of any ammunition, drugs or human traffic through the border.

Afghanistan is a real deceiving country. We gave shelter to millions of their citizens affected from the long war. As a reward they spread drugs and ammunition in our motherland. Their president Karzai always issues stupid statements against Pakistan, although he was invited by Pakistani president Asif Zardari as a guest in his oath taking ceremony. We have been fighting for this country and put our own existence in danger.

Pakistan must join Chinese block now and take necessary steps for avoiding the promotion of terrorism. Government must invest for providing job opportunities to the unprivileged people who have suffered a lot due to the drone attacks. If they are not helped in returning to the normal life, they could join terrorist groups. Youth living in the cities must be involved in technology related projects as internees. This will not only help them develop their skills, but also will be useful in the introduction of new technologies in the country.

Pakistan must declare that no drone attacks would be tolerated now onwards. If US strikes any area again using drones, those planes must be fired immediately by the Pakistan Army.

Allah bless us with a safe and prosperous Pakistan. Ameen!


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