From Burhan to Dr. Burhan Sharif

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is a very famous saying. It was March 1993 when our B.Sc. Civil Engineering classes were started in University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. I could never guess at that time that we (classmates) were going to enter a golden period. Just within a couple of days I came across a naughty yet intelligent guy Burhan. He became one of my best friends. His sense of humor was great. At the same time he was very good in studies. We were a group of 6 friends. Beside us others were Sherjeel, Saqib, Fahad and Mukarram. We enjoyed every single moment of our graduate class.

After graduation all of us except Fahad started jobs in Pakistan. Fahad left for USA for studying. Burhan, Saqib and Sherjeel applied for Canadian immigration, whereas I applied for the Australian one. Mukarram however preferred staying in Pakistan. Later Burhan left Canada as he did not like the lifestyle there. He joined our alma mater UET as a Lecturer. In the meantime he started his Masters as well. Burhan showed dedication and completed his degree in a very good time frame. Now he had a new challenge in front of him. He decided to do the PhD in Structural Engineering. All of us supported him. I was very happy for him at that stage as he was the first in our whole class who decided to go for a doctorate degree.

Burhan  kept working following the verse, “Slow and steady win the race”. In the meantime he also kept working as a private consultant. Allah blessed him with a son and two cute daughters. Burhan’s hardwork brought fruit and he achieved a good lifestyle that very few people have got in Pakistan.

23rd April 2011 is the date that I can never forget….Burhan got his name title changed from Mr. to Dr. on this date…. He defended his PhD thesis and UET Lahore awarded him with the degree of doctorate. He was very happy and especially called me in Australia for sharing this great news. I am really proud of his friendship. He is just a ‘gem’. I can never forget his great role when my brother Majid passed away in 2009. I was in Dubai and reached my home in the evening. Burhan had reached my home well before my arrival and played a great role in helping my family in that tough time. In fact he has always shown his sincerity with me. His parents are proud of him. They say that they are lucky for having such a son. I am thankful to Allah for blessing me with such a wonderful friend. I once again Congratulate him on becoming a PhD Doctor. We are proud of him. Allah bless him with every success in his coming life.



  1. Shahid I read your stuff about me today. It is really awesome. I do not have the words to say thanks to you. God bless you and your family and my sincere prays are with you and your family.

  2. Dear Burhan..

    Congratulations on you doctorate and your new title :o)
    May Allah bless you with more success in future…

  3. Shahid there is no doubt about what you write in the article. Its really a milestone which burhan achieved. May Allah give him more success and also to our group sherjeel , Mukarram, Fahad and especially you..

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