Laden’s assassination: What’s the stance of Pakistan Army???

Whole world is rejoicing the killing of world’s biggest terrorist Osama ben Laden. However Pakistani nation is deeply depressed. Can anybody tell us why was our Army unaware of Osama’s presence in Abbottabad, just at a distance of 1 KM from Pakistan Military Academy, Kakool? Osama’s corpse has not been shown till now, yet a fake Photoshop touched photo is released. There are doubts about his death as reportedly his dead body was sinked into the sea in Afghanistan.

If it is a drama and Osama has not been killed, why is Pakistan Army Chief General Kiani silent? Is there anything more important than country’s dignity and solidarity? What else, even the most stupid president in the world Mr. Karzai is raising his finger against Pakistan claiming that all roots of terrorism are there in Pakistan and it must be targeted.

CNN footage on the US led Abbottabad attack!

Australian newspapers and news channels are also making fun of Pak government and Army by telling their views that Osama took Abbottabad as the safest place for hiding, which is located just 113 KM from the capital Islamabad. They also mentioned presence of a large number of Pak Army troops in the city which has been a favourite spot of the retired Army Generals for spending their retired life.

Overseas Pakistanis are facing a terrible situation as many people from other nations are asking them the same questions to which they cannot answer. I demand our Army Chief to come out and issue a CLEAR statement without fearing from anyone so that we can live with honour.


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