Death of a LEGEND: Moin Akhtar left us!!!!!!!

22nd of April 2011 brought a very heart-breaking news for Pakistanis living in different areas of the world. Legendary compare, comedian and actor Moin Akhtar passed away in Karachi in the age of 61.انا للہ ا انا الیہ راجعون. This news was a stunning one. Moin can be regarded as one of the best artists Pakistan produced. He had a great command on doing parodies of famous artists and politicians. His capabilities cannot be defined in words. I still remember his wonderful performance in the long play “Rozi” that took him at the peak of performers.

He anchored many talk shows in which he interviewed celebrities like Imran Khan, Dileep Kumar, Nadeem, Sunil Dutt and many more. His sense of humor was just matchless as he never used any vulgar comment or joke. He was a decent and polished artists who had his own style. His TV show ‘Yes Sir, No Sir’ is still in my mind in which Moin interviewed a great number of celebrities.

Moin Akhtar acted in different roles ranging from rickshaw driver to a popular politician in various talk shows in which Anwar Maqsood used to interview him. Moin’s command on different dialects was awesome. He was a pioneer in the art of mimicry.

Moin was buried today (23-4-2011) after Dhuhur prayer in Maleer Cantt Karachi. His funeral prayer was led by Junaid Jamshaid. Thousand of grieved people attended the prayer. Later his body was taken to the nearby graveyard for burial. All country is sad over this great loss.

Pakistan loves its great son MOIN AKHTAR and we as Pakistanis salute him on his great achievements. Allah bless his noble soul in Jannat ul Firdous. Ameen!


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