Pakistan and India play Semi Final in Mohali

The whole world is waiting for the ‘best match’ of the 2011 Cricket World Cup to be played today (30 March 2011) in Mohali, India where Pakistan will face India in the 2nd Semi Final of the great Cricket event. Afridi XI will play against Dhoni XI. Tensions are high in the cricket lovers from both the countries. People in Pakistan, India and other countries of the world are getting together to watch the match. Pakistani Prime Minister Gillani will also be in the stadium today with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Pakistan and India are the traditional rivals in Cricket like Australia and England. People are very sentimental on both sides of the border and want to see their team winning each game against each other.

I would like to congratulate both countries for playing this great match. Game must be taken as game and winning and losing are part of a game. I request my Indians friends to greet Pakistani guests in their homeland. Also in case India loses the game, they must bear it with a positive approach. I also request Pakistanis to show respect to the Pakistani players even if they lose the game. We pray to Allah bless us with success today and also in the Final match later.

We friends in Australia are also very excited about the match and have arranged a get together where around 10-12 Pakistani friends will watch the live on TV. IU wish my team (Team Pakistan) a great success today.



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