Terry Jones (bastard) burns copy of Quran in Florida

Illegitimate by birth - Pastor Terry Jones

So called broad minded USA must be ashamed that in this SUPER POWER, a bastard can lead a church and can do anything for spreading hatred and unrest in the society. Racism provokes in a result of these shameful activities, which are not controlled in USA.

Yesterday, a bastard pastor in Florida, Terry Jones burnt a copy of Holy Quran in his filthy church. Yes, I will call this church ‘FILTHY’ because a place where other religions’ holy books are burnt cannot be regarded as a respectable place. We as Muslims have firm belief that Islam spreads whenever it is tried to be suppressed by such stupid activities. This pig-faced pastor will see the revenge of Allah in his life, that I can guarantee. Shame on USA whose government is sleeping once again.



  1. The person is such a bastard who did this act. From his face he looked like a drunkard. i dont know how he has become a priest or pastor. Because such like act could be done by a mentally sick and maniac. Our belief is that he will be just go to hell. In Islam it is said that abusing other religion is like abusing your own religion, so never do it. He must have known that the Holy Quran also contains chapters regarding Christ and his mother Mary (Mariam). he is a sick person whoes ultimate destiny would be hell as Allah himself is the guardian of the Holy Quran. This also shows double standards of the West and USA who are trying to stop extremism in all parts of the world but cant even stop it in their own countries, making an excuse of freedom of speech etc. But remember your freedom ends from where my nose starts.

  2. Pastor Terry Jones is a sefish little pig and he needs to be burnt the idiotic loser well i shouldnt waste my time on him when he burns in hell i will laugh in his face the dirty druggy he looks like Farmer Ted with his stupid beard ROT IN HELL!!!!U SELFISH PIG they should let him in england so i can stab him and do the world a favour !U UGLY TRAMP! and your daughter doesnt live here and if you did have a daughter she propbably took her own life when she your face when she was born!!!GO AND DIE!!!

  3. Dear Sister,

    Thanks a lot for supporting the right cause. Islam also teaches respect of others. We know that good Christians always love others. We are more than obliged for your great gesture.

    SHAHID (Canberra, Australia)

  4. This man is not only an imbecille, but also a terrorist. How else can you define someone who takes an act like this, knowing full well the hatred and chaos it will cause? I may not be a Muslim myself, but this disgusts me. Islam – like most religions, and as far as I am aware – teaches respect and love for others, and whilst the stories within the Holy Bible and Holy Quran differ and I cannot claim to be an expert on the latter at all, I do understand that the sentiments behind them are the same. The only violence I know of is found in the way some individuals twist the words in the Holy books.

    I feel terrible for all the diplomats and aid workers who are going to suffer for this man’s ignorance. This is going to do so much damage to so many lives as well as destabalise international relationships across the globe – all because of this bastard’s stupidity.

  5. Dear Charlotte,
    Thanks a lot for your very nice words. These are the golden words in fact. We respect and love every single peaceful human being. Taliban are not representing true Muslims, as this so called pastor is not representing the true Christians. Taliban are just angry with the USA, who wants to capture the oil reserves of the Islamic countries and is playing with all Muslim countries in the world. Quran says, “One who kills an innocent person, kills the whole humanity, and the one who saves a single life, saves the whole humanity”. We are peaceful and we love peace that is the reason that Muslims never burn any Bible in any place of the world. I am living in Australia, but I follow all of their rules and regulations, and try my best to prove myself as a better human being. Thanks for the support once again!

  6. terry jones is pig faced son of a filthy bitch he and his followers should be hanged and slaughtered , he will be soon perished from the face of the earth .

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