What’s the different between US and Pakistani citizens???

Innocent Vs Killer

Raymond Davis got released………

This is the news that spread out allover the world within minutes after the orders of the court in the favour of Mr. Raymond, a US citizen who had killed two Pakistani citizens on road without any reason. As per details, the families of the deceased guys Fahim and Faizan agreed on forgiving Mr. Davis after receiving a heavy amount as Deyat (دیت) which is allowed in Islam.

The question here is that why an American is treated so decently that he can get his government’s full support even after killing the innocents, while he has no clear position as per visa status. Whereas a Pakistani lady Dr. Aafia is given 86 year imprisonment by the US courts on the basis of baseless acquisitions. The reason is clear. Mr. Raymond Davis has white colour and he belongs to a super power….so whatever he wants to do anywhere in the world, he can do that without any fear…Afterall his country feeds countries like Pakistan, and our corrupt leaders speak their language.

Dr. Aafia on the other hand is a Muslim wheat-coloured lady, who belongs to Pakistan, a country that is a sign of corruption in the world… A country whose citizens (including me) don’t want to live there and strive for getting US, Canadian, UK and Australian passports. Where youth is aimless and dis hearted and a great class system exists, which has divided the society into various income and status groups. Where poor is getting more and more into the inferiority complex and rich is getting richer and richer just because of their links and sources…..

US Government has denied paying money to the families of Fahim and Faizan for Raymond’s release. As per sources Saudi Government played role in solving the issue and they paid the money. The affected families will be shifted to UAE within couple of days, and later some of their members will be provide US Green Cards.

This is the situation of Islamic world today….. As a Pakistani I feel ashamed today. It was a golden chance when our Government was a position for dealing on Dr. Aafia’s case. Now different political parties in Pakistan are holding protests rallies, which is just an opportunity for them to get recognition for themselves. Allah be kind on us and show us the right path. Amin!!!


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