Tsunami hits Japan

Tsunami in Japan (image courtesy: Lonely Planet)

Yesterday (11 March 2011) Japan faced the worst earthquake in its history. On Richter scale its intensity is 8.9. This strong shake gave risae to Tsunami and a layer having height of 10 metre hit the coastal city Sendai. Although Japan has the best earthquake resistant structures, yet it was such a massive earthquake that many building got collapsed. Huge flood took houses, cars and structures with it. As per reports more than 2000 people are found dead by now.

It is indeed very sad that after Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand, now Japan has faced such a disaster. Being Muslims it is our belief that floods, hurricanes and earthquakes are the signs of Allah’s anger. We must seek tauba for our sins and shortcomings and at the same time try our best for becoming good human beings. I am hopeful that world will come out to help Japanese in this tough time.


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