My country is crying today……

Al-Hamra Cultural Complex, Lahore

I remember Pakistan a few years back as a beautiful and colourful place to live, where people used to attend concerts, funfares, get togethers etc. in a peaceful manner. There was no danger to Islam at all.

I myself once attended (perhaps in 2006) World Performing Arts Festival at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex, Lahore. Thousand of people were there entring the open air theatre in a disciplined manner by making que.

Ladies and gents were behaving decently and maturely and there were food stalls offering delicious food items and drinks. I was there to attend the ‘ghazal night’. Big names like Ghulam Ali and Tina Sani were among the performers. Tina Sani sang amazingly and the crowd responded her with big applause. Next day I attended the performance of a Spanish performer in a hall, where he played some Spanish tunes. Lahore was a real lovely city at that time… Many foreign performers also used to come here for performing in such events. National Horse and Cattle Show and Spring Festival were the events that attracted lot of visitors from outside Lahore.

Then the time came in…..when our beloved country experienced the suicidal attacks and target killings, and no place remained safer. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, D.G. Khan and many other cities and their cantonment areas were targeted. Governor of Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer and Federal Minister Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti were killed by the terrorists just for having different point of view. Ex-president and the worst dictator Musharraf’s attack on Bajour Masjid and Jamia Hafsa Islamabad gave rise to these killings. Today my country Pakistan is crying. We are having a sick society. People are losing their hope and courage. Anyone who gets a chance, is leaving the country. I pray to Allah to be kind on us and return us our peace and glory. Amin!



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  1. Yes , So true , its hard to believe that its the same city where i use to attend concerts , puppet shows , Festivals and other cultural get-togethers , May God bless us and our Country , Live long Pakistan ..

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